Best AP rate for 4/21-4/26 for moderates?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by marymouse, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. marymouse

    marymouse Mouseketeer

    Jul 6, 2000
    What are some good rates people have gotten? We were planning a trip for late April then decided it probably wasn't going to happen, now it looks like it might happen again. When I wasn't planning I got totally out of the loop.

    Anyway, I got a postcard witih the 94$ moderate rate but we paid $84 last April and I just wondered if I could do better with an AP rate.

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  3. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala 1937, what a year that was

    Jun 22, 2001
    I only tried for the 26th-27th and they had king rooms available for $121, I think. No other rooms available. I have a $129 rate at the Swan for that weekend so I kept that.

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