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Barb's Cruise Disigns...If you have requests please post on my new thread-part deux

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Disneysince1982, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Active Member

    Fixed in the original picture post.
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  3. micknme

    micknme New Member

    Hi again Barb,

    I was wondering something...you have such a wonderful gift in your disigns...they are so beautiful and the way you place the wording is just perfect. I was thinking that in your real life away from Disney, you must have had work as an exceptional graphic artist at one point!!!

    Thank you so much for adding the DCL logo, it's very special to us since it is just for Disney ships. I hope after all you do for every one of us, you too will get to take another cruise in the near future!

    Thank you again for your thoughtfulness! :flower3:
  4. southerngirl528

    southerngirl528 New Member

    Barb!!! With the help of DH, we just printed out your DARLING, WONDERFUL designs on magnetic "paper", I've cut them out, and they are stinkin' PRECIOUS!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! :flower3: :worship: pixiedust:
  5. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    Hello again,
    It seems that we've had a change in plans.
    The teen has decided not to go on the cruise...

    I hope you don't mind making a couple of changes to our designs.

    The designs:

    chip and dale bon voyage lp
    Caption: Two Teachers, SchoolÂ’s Out Cruise, Fantasy June 1-8

    DCL Ship
    The Andersons, Disney Fantasy, and Date

    Here are a (few) more if you don't mind.

    pirate minnie mh Anita DCL logo

    Party Like a Pirate The Andersons, The Fantasy

    pirate mickey standing 2 Marc DCL logo

    pirates life for me Disney Fantasy The Andersons

    Mickey and Minnie Ariel porthole The Andersons Disney Fantasy

    Mickey and Minnie dining porthole Marc & Anita Disney Fantasy

    Dumbo porthole Sail Away! Disney Fantasy

    up porthole Sail Away! Disney Fantasy

    Jasmine and Aladdin porthole Sail Away! Disney Fantasy

    Mickey and princesses porthole Princess Party Tonight! Disney Fantasy

    Mickey Goofy Donald beach porthole Beach Day! Disney Fantasy

    MU ph Beach Day! Disney Fantasy

    Mickey Goofy Sailing porthole Disney Fantasy

    Mickey fireworks lp The Andersons Enjoy your Day at Sea

    Minnie lp The Andersons Enjoy your Day at Sea

    I know this is a bunch, we are on a seven night cruise and have a different theme for our door each day. This will help us out so much!
  6. Snowpuff526

    Snowpuff526 New Member

    Dear Barb,
    First off I wanted to say thank you , thank you, thank you for all of the effort that you put in to making everyone's cruises much more memorable. You are the best! I would like to put in a couple of orders myself.
    The details for my family cruise are:
    Name- The Harris Family
    Ship- The Fantasy
    Date- August 3rd-10th 2013

    1. dcl mickey gang. Can we have it say The Harris Family with August 3rd-10th?

    2. Pirates Life for Me. With The Harris Family on it.

    3. Gang at Castaway Cay. Please say "The Harris Family" with no date.

    4. Disney Fantasy with fireworks porthole. With The Harris Family, August 2013 on it.

    Thank you so very much! I know that with your help, our cruise door will look fabulous!! :cool1:
  7. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Active Member

    What color hair do the children have?
  8. mickey squared

    mickey squared New Member

    OOps, Sorry!! All the kids have brown except Mackenzie who has blonde hair.

    Thank you!!
  9. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Active Member

    Here you go...
  10. Chelle1913

    Chelle1913 New Member

    Thanks Barb, you ROCK!!
  11. Cruzinmaniac

    Cruzinmaniac DLP lover

    I saw your disigns you made for me, and, well, let me just say, you're amazing! You finished the disigns so fast too! The way you give your time and talents so generously is a wonderful service to those of us (like me) who are less talented and creative than you. It really helps to make our vacations magical. You are SO SO SO talented and (psst don't tell anyone) but your mickey hat family disigns are my favorite disigns on this board! I cannot thank you enough. Your disigns are so gorgeous and your service is so sweet and inspiring. I want you to know how much we all appreciate what you do!

    One last thing---Thank you SOOOOOO much for the special Mulan disign you made. My DD will love it as Mulan is her favorite princess! She will be so excited!

    Thank you so much again for what you do!

  12. kacheleb

    kacheleb New Member

    Thank you!!! I LOVE ALL of them! You are awesome.
  13. micknme

    micknme New Member

    I am finding this so exciting. I can just imagine my sister's face when these magnets magically appear on her stateroom door and it's all because of you Barb!:cloud9:

    If you could disign these, I would be so grateful!

    The porthole with Captain Mickey on the staircase with the princesses with 'Debbie' written on the top and 'Captain's Gala' written on the bottom

    The porthole with Captain Mickey on the staircase with the princesses with 'Sue' written on top and 'Captain's Gala' written on the bottom

    The porthole with Minnie in the liferaft taking pictures of the dolphins with 'Debbie' written on the top and 'Grand Cayman' written on the bottom

    The porthole with Minnie in the liferaft taking pictures of the dolphins with 'Sue' written on the top and 'Grand Cayman' written on the bottom.

    I am planning on placing a magnet each day on our doors and never letting my sister know how they got there. What an happy memory she will have from all your hard work and I truly appreciate everything that you are doing. Thank you Barb, from the bottom of my heart.
  14. DWGal210

    DWGal210 New Member

    Hi Barb ~

    First off, thank you for doing this! Your designs are AWESOME - it was hard to choose! :) :thumbsup2

    Could I please have the following:

    * Lilo & Stitch Hammock Mickey Head: name of, Katie Disney Fantasy 2013

    * CC Lifeguard Mickey MH: name of Katie

    * Gang at Castaway Cay - Splashin' at Castaway Cay: instead of family nam at the bottom, can it say Disney Fantasy and then the date of June 1, 2013.

    THANK YOU so much! Have a great Mother's Day weekend!

    ~ Katie :wizard:
  15. geminierin

    geminierin New Member

    Hi Barbara,
    I love your designs and can't wait to request some, but I can only access the main cruise disigns page. All the links to portholes, pirates, etc. return error msgs that the page can't be found. Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help!
  16. geminierin

    geminierin New Member

    Never mind, I found the corrected links!
    We're going on our first DC in November for 7 nites and want to do dif decorations every nite!
    Here are the Disigns I love most!

    Welcome aboard ship porthole- Consiglio, wonder, nov 9-16 2013
    Pirates life for me-Consiglio, wonder
    Gang at castaway cay-Consiglio, nov 12 2013
    Pirate sayings- Kellan, 2013
    Stitch welcome aboard- Kellan, wonder, nov 2013
    Dory and Nemo porthole- Aqua Adventures (at top), Atlantis, Bahamas ( bottom left), nov 13, 2013 (bot right)
    MU ph- Fun At Sea (top), wonder, nov 2013
    Red white blue wave magic- Consiglio, nov9-16 2013, wonder, Galveston tx, key west fl, castaway cay, Nassau

    What a treat these are and THANKS so much for doing this for everyone! We are so grateful to you!!
  17. bats

    bats Enjoying Bahama Mama's

    Hi there ... Awesome designs you've been doing! Could I please ask for just one design for a friend please? I'm not sure if you even do this design, but let me know if not and I'll have a rethink. She would like a Mickey head with the Croatian flag filled inside it. She's managed to find every other country their cruise is visiting, but not Croatia. Really hope you're able to do that for her ... Many thanks!! Joa
  18. GatorFans

    GatorFans New Member

    Barb, THANK YOU for sharing your gift with others! We are going on our first DCL in 2 weeks and I just learned about doing magnets for the door. Can you help me?!?

    Phineas and Ferb Beach: The Therrell Family

    DCL Ship: Western Carribean May 25 - June 1, 2013, The Therrell Family

    Minnie Mickey Silhouette: (lt ear) Jay, (rt ear) Kendra, (in middle) Happy Anniversary, May 20, 2000

    Star Wars mh: (lt ear) Paul, (rt ear) cruise logo

    Star Wars Angry Birds mh: (lt ear) Paul; (rt ear) 2013

    Agent Perry mh: (lt ear) Jay, (rt ear) 2013

    Minnie Red w/ dots: Kendra

    Also, could I have the DCL cruise line logo (w/ mickey head in the middle), and the image of the Fantasy (to use on an FE gift)???

    Thank you again. It is so very appreciated!

  19. Riothecat

    Riothecat New Member

    Hi, we are travelling on the Magic on 1st June Med cruise and would be grateful if you could do a few designs please? :)

    Looking for-
    Mickey head with buttons x2 one with Max and the other with Ethan;
    Minnie head with spots with Elana;
    cruise family white background one The Johnson Family, with the daddy (Michael) with woody hat (brown hair), the mummy (Stephanie) with retro Minnie hat (long brown hair) and baby Max with Mickey retro hat (blonde hair).

    If you have time could you also do something with Max's 1st Cruise, maybe a picture of the magic somewhere/captain Mickey/in a Mickey head?? That would be great. :cool1:

    Thank you so much in advance :flower3:
  20. Thnlk

    Thnlk Member

    Hi Barb thank you for all your hard work. My wife ( Heather ) and I ( Tracy ) are going on the Magic 10/27 for a Caribbean Halloween cruise. Do you have anything with a Halloween theme?
  21. Disneysince1982

    Disneysince1982 Active Member

    No, I don't do holiday or birthday disigns. The other disigners do them.
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