Bad Experience with The Timeshare Store today

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by jeniferg, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. canpower

    canpower Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2012
    And just to show how different the experience can be....

    On the exact same day Jenifeghad her problems with Jason I had the exact opposite experience.

    I contacted Jason at TSS in the morning (my west coast morning) about our first DVC purchase. Jason was VERY helpfull and I asked a lot of questions. Every response was professional and never once did I feel like I was bothering him. In less than 24 hours the contracts we signed sealed and sent off to Disney for ROFR! Unbeliveable service. I couldn't be happier.

    By contrast I have had two other contracts fail the most recent just a few days ago with Fidelity. I was left hanging for over a week after going back and forth with the seller, then signing the contract and paying my deposit. Only to find out a week later that they couldn't sell. It was not 100% Fidelity's fault as it turned out the seller didn't have the points they claimed. By the end of the day the previously loaded contract was re-listed without the points at the same price. A full week later I am STILL waiting for my refund from First American Title. I have no doubt Fidelity and First American will honor their commitments and refund everything. I would certainly consider another deal through Fidelity however I would be asking a few more questions in the future and making sure my money wasn't taken before deals we complete.

    These people are all very professional and doing their best when working between "testy" sellers and "pasionate" buyers. Give them a bit of slack.

    However - Jason at TSS gets thumbs up from this first time buyer! Now if he can just use some TSS Pixie Dust make my ROFR go faster.
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  3. Lil' Grumpy

    Lil' Grumpy <font color=purple>Lil' Grumpy is really a Big Swe

    Feb 14, 2006
    interesting how you belittled the sellers' group but recognized
    the group you are currently in, buyers are passionate.
    rationalizations are defined as ineffective coping because
    they don't help in problem solving. however, in this situation
    "explains" the awkard position that the sales person is in. &
    i think he did the best anyone could have done.

    ( now i am just guessing but i am betting that these people
    get this type of complaints all the time..."D" if they do ,&
    d when they don't. i will also bet, those getting blame are
    the one presenting both sides and trying to educate the
    "buyer" reacting on feelings instead of reasonable expectations. )

    this sorta show how hard they have to "work" for the money.

    i really can't see any benefit for him to have done this. {on
    purpose to hurt her feelings}.
    i think if anything @ all- it was a misunderstanding. the posters feeling
    "bad" is base on a lack of knowledge. my main observation is
    because they don't get pay when they don't sell. & neither
    had a relationship of any kind prior. so with that reality, why would
    this person do this if it was going cost them income? and with
    his experiences ,knowing educating /telling the truth-- may
    cost them too, showed this person has ethics. ( he could have
    told the person every thing they wanted to hear instead of
    correcting their desires. )

    just because an owner is selling and someone is willing to buy,
    has no pretenses or feelings , and or conditions. if someone
    "low balls" me, and i was "off" my game when i verbally approve
    it, doesn't mean i am going to "sign" when i realized i made a
    mistake. and it isn't the processor fault. even if i feel it was
    only 1$ off, i can change my mind.

    my guess, these workers are aware how they can be blame
    for things out of their control. probably daily. do not , these
    workers have feelings too?

    on a side note, i hope dvc are reading these posts and apply
    this knowledge to recognize the differences between resales
    buyers & where changes should be made. :rolleyes1

    this reminded me of an owner last summer, when her
    elderly g.mother "fell" & broken her leg. she was expecting
    more from disney. in reality, the elderly bones can break
    especially women , and then fall. if i was working for disney,
    i would be requesting a bone density test if the "guests"
    trying to sue. like above, the facts if told correctly prevent
    misunderstandings & "bad" feelings.
  4. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    Nov 14, 2010
    Am I on my own thinking this is odd for a first ever post.... Coincidence?
  5. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    Nov 15, 2008
    Me too...
  6. jeniferg

    jeniferg Earning My Ears

    Jul 6, 2007
    I do appreciate that Jason issued a public apology. I do wish the original calls had gone differently. At this point our family will wait to see what comes up to fit our need & whoever has it at that time...we will consider giving our business to. Jamie has contacted me & while Jason has issued the apology, I think it will be better for all concerned if I choose not to deal with him directly again. I would try very hard not to hold my past experience with him against him but I can't guarantee it wouldn't happen. I appreciate everyone's help & input on this situation!!

    Jen G
  7. canpower

    canpower Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2012
    Heheh Yes I registered in October as a Spy for TSS and waited for just this moment! Aha you caught me.

    Sadly no..

    Step 1) Decide to buy DVC
    Step 2) Register here and research
    Step 3) Put in three offers before I succeed
    Step 4) See an opportunity to finally contribute

    and then the obligitory

    Step 5) be accused of being a troll :woohoo:

    Long term as I am able to more and more contribute to this board I am sure I will finally discard this moniker you have placed on me.

    That being said NO I do not work for TSS nor do I know Jason beyond my interaction with him in the purchase of my DVC interest. Nor do I work for Sharon at Fidelity.

    Jason clearly doesn't need my help as he seemed to reply very well on his own.
  8. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz I'm happy to dance with you!

    Aug 26, 2003
    I think that everyone can have a bad day, including us Disboarders.
  9. Cruznmore

    Cruznmore Earning My Ears

    Nov 5, 2012
    Nice comeback. Welcome to the boards! :)
  10. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    Nov 14, 2010
    Sorry I seem to have really offended you. It just looked like a coincidence to me and called it as I saw it. Sorry that you took offence though, that wasn't intended :hug:
  11. canpower

    canpower Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2012

    Didn't take offence really. I know how perception looks and I assumed someone might call me out for it. No harm, no foul. Besides this is a Disney board I mean really you can't get "that" mad about anything!

    Now if I can just pass ROFR I'll feel like one of you alll...
  12. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    Nov 14, 2010
    I have my fingers crossed for you :)
  13. curan69

    curan69 Mouseketeer

    Mar 22, 2007
    We dealt with Jason at the TSS when we did our 100 point add on. I found him Pleasant to deal with and everything went well.
  14. Dean

    Dean DIS Veteran<br><a href="

    Aug 19, 1999
    I don't agree. While it looks good, it's really a no win situation for TSS. Given their presence and sponsorship here, they really have no choice but to put on the best face possible. While I'm not doubting Jason's sincerity, to have not responded and in a positive manner, would have been foolish. I think all you can really say is it was smart to respond this way. I really don't think you can say any more either way.
  15. michelleiada

    michelleiada DIS Veteran

    May 12, 2006
    I have in the past chatted with Jason at TTS. I thought he was professional and answered all my questions. Recently I purchased my contract through Fidelity and the process was simple and all went smoothly.
  16. NHTikiBeckie

    NHTikiBeckie DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2006
    I've dealt with Jason and have had a positive experience. I plan on buying AKL soon and wouldn't hesitate to deal with TSS again.
  17. Lil' Grumpy

    Lil' Grumpy <font color=purple>Lil' Grumpy is really a Big Swe

    Feb 14, 2006
    yes, i think dean's observation is correct. but the fact that he made
    the effort to offer the buyer another opportunity showed good
    business sense. my best guess would be problem/problems when
    he was explaining the ways things must be done vs the person
    expectations. ( some probably from here).

    i thought, one of the key toward problem solving, was the one poster's
    2 different views -especially labeling her group (buyers) as "passionate. "
    though i didn't recognized it as correct, mainly it is self evident- buyers
    are motivated by their previous wdw experiences. so it isn't too
    hard to figure out there's going a lot of "feelings" in this process that
    can lead to frustrations. and you get a lil' clue when they added how
    they "saw" sellers. and that is most common beginning that the
    "man in the middle" is dealing with -- from the start.

    did you read the resale poster about purchasing the "one" time
    buying extra points? she "believes " that the "one time " purchased
    does not apply to her. how many times does the person think
    "why" dvc have certain rules to begin with--even the basics-
    like their legal obligations? wanta bet she going to be anger but
    do you think she will blame herself for "not" learning the rule?

    from our experiences, i am learning there are important differences
    between reasonable expectations-as reasons are wide/wild
    versus realistic expectations. we have made changes in
    how we use our dvc & will continue to do so. we had some
    growing pains in the beginning too- & dvc try to give us a
    new, no no! - no way, we were going to blame
    our guide for problems within the system.

    we don't do resales because we are not interested in them. we
    didn't buy dvc for a money making profit. we didn't but to rent
    our points out. we did buy because we could see the benefits
    toward our future wdw trips. we started in 2002 & didn't buy
    til 2009. our dvc is our vacations dollars & where we want
    to go for family vacations. don't have any previous encounters
    with jason-& i do "feel" resales persons have different objectives
    than direct. but in this situation/s , i felt he was at a big disadvantage
    because his "role" is in the middle & was more limited by rules/
    regulations/ laws versus his true feelings. so to judge any
    person in this business-"good or bad"- isn't an accurate
    measurement of the real person. and too me, very unfair to
    the person.
  18. dsanner106

    dsanner106 DIS Veteran DVC Gold

    Apr 3, 2003
    The odds you will love every employee at any company are slim, people have bad days and sometimes moods are mis-interpreted. Just contact jamie, explain all and work with her.
  19. jarestel

    jarestel DIS Veteran DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Oct 24, 2003
    When all is said and done, it's best to approach business dealings with logic rather than emotion. I would't especially care whether I become BFFs with an employee of a company I'm doing business with as long as the details of the transaction are handled in a professional manner (my experience with TTS has been extremely positive in this respect).

    After all, the goal is to get the best deal that I can for me.
  20. brolyat

    brolyat Earning My Ears

    Nov 28, 2005
    Of the exact thing you mentioned. I felt the same way, I was not spending that much money with someone that is rude to me. Bought with another company.
  21. appleorchard

    appleorchard DIS Veteran

    Nov 22, 2006
    I went to Fidelity after first contacting The Timeshare Store and had a great experience with Sharon there.

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