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Anyone made it through (or not made it through) ROFR recently? - Section V

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mac_tlc, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. fordchevyguy

    fordchevyguy FordChevyGuy

    Passed about a week ago. I bought 150 BWV April UY, 149 points in 2012 and all points thereafter. I paid asking price of $68
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  3. cm8

    cm8 <font color=blue>Half of the time we're rushing ar

  4. DisneyAndRedSox

    DisneyAndRedSox I still call it a WEDWay PeopleMover!

    Thanks for the pixie dust! :wizard:

    Looks like there is new stuff at AKV often so I am sure something similar will come up! I am still learning about this UY thing and banking points, I hope a June UY is good for us if we get it! I am the type of person who plans things far out so I am sure we will be fine.

    Once I hear something on ROFR I will update my info.
  5. DisneyDiana

    DisneyDiana New Member

    These contracts are going fast . One popped up this morning but already had an offer on it by the time I decided to call .
  6. TinkTatoo

    TinkTatoo <font color=peach>Has a Tink tattoo on her shoulde

    We've already got a June UY so it would have worked for us. We're in Ireland so have to plan vacations well in advance and mainly travel in July / August and June works well for that.
  7. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc New Member

    WHEW!!! Over 25 pages of posts in the last month. Lots of ROFR activity too. Latest update should be on the first page in a few minutes.

  8. disfanforlife

    disfanforlife New Member

    Received notice today that our offer has gone to Disney for ROFR. BWV 100 points September UY $70. No 2012 points but all going forward available.
  9. dbs1228

    dbs1228 New Member

    Thank you for doing this - It must have been a challenge! We appreciate your hard work!:thumbsup2
  10. cz4ever

    cz4ever Imagineer-in-training

    Thank you for all your work keeping this up to date!
  11. bobbiwoz

    bobbiwoz <font color=darkorchid>I'm happy to dance with you

    Yes, thank you!:goodvibes
  12. Snowmiser

    Snowmiser New Member

    Well, we are almost official - just waiting on our member number and package. I am still surprised at how easy resale was. This board really helped since I went in with realistic expectations and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly everything came together. Thank you to everyone who shares their experiences here - it was a huge help to me! I know that it's not always this easy, but I'm grateful that we are where we are. Here is our timeline so far:

    2/11: Offer made and accepted - 200 BWV (Mar), $56/pt., 4 banked from
    '12, all '13 and '14
    2/12: Contracts received
    2/13: Signed contracts returned to broker and submitted for ROFR
    3/05: Passed ROFR
    3/08: Closing documents received
    3/11: Signed closing documents and check sent overnight mail
    3/15: Seller signed contracts received by title company and we closed!

    I can't wait for my first official DVC welcome home!

    Good luck to everyone looking and waiting for that perfect, magical contract!
  13. kenspidey

    kenspidey New Member

    Congrats .... And such a great deal too ... Please post when you get your letter. I am right behind you..
  14. kenly777

    kenly777 New Member

    Just noting that I was pleasantly surprised with receiving my membership letter from Disney on 3/11 (full packet received on 3/15). Closed on 2/25, so only two weeks. First reservation already booked :)
  15. rojen

    rojen New Member

    ROFR monster got me today. SSR 200 OCTUY. 322 2012 points and all forward. Seller pays closing, Buyer 2013 MF. $55 per point. Picked a bad time to start my resale purchase.

    Wish people hadn't been conned into getting on waitlists for the direct price increase. One born every minute I guess.
  16. cm8

    cm8 <font color=blue>Half of the time we're rushing ar

    Don't give up, keep trying, there are a lot of SSR points out there for resale. :flower3:

    Congrats on your Purchase Snowmiser :yay::cheer2:
  17. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc New Member

    Your welcome:) . I'm getting better and better at it ... I need to do it every couple weeks to make it more "current". This past month we were in Florida for two weeks, hence the longer-than-usual time between updates.

  18. DisneyDiana

    DisneyDiana New Member

    Yes, thank you so much. It has really helped me educate myself with the resale market. I snapped up a small 75 point contract for VWL today. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am thrilled! August UY, 75 pts. at VWL, all points coming on 8-1-13. Paid asking price $70 pp. May be a lot but this is what I have been looking for
    for months.
  19. wordwitt

    wordwitt New Member

    I also just paid a lot per point for a small BWV contract, and was just sent to ROFR today. But it was what I was looking for. My happiness is tempered somewhat by the fact that it looks like the seller is selling b/c a spouse passed away. I know this happens all the time, but it kind of got to me.
  20. DisneyDiana

    DisneyDiana New Member

    Yeah, that would get to me too. I hope the people are just selling mine because they have too many points. That is what I am telling myself anyway. At least I figure paying quite a bit more than some may help with ROFR. Good luck.
  21. AppleDisneyDad

    AppleDisneyDad Quietly Lurking DVC Gold

    Would have sent a PM but post count is not high enough.

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