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Anyone made it through (or not made it through) ROFR recently? - Section V

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mac_tlc, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. wordwitt

    wordwitt Member

    I would actually love to own at AK one of these days. I'm sure you'll make good use of it.
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  3. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

    We passed ROFR! SSR $45 pp 150 points no points until 2014 buyer pays admin fee and closing seller pays 2013 mf submitted 2/27 and found out today :)
  4. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco Mouseketeer

    Congratulations :cool1:... My contract went in the same day, hope i get some good news today :)
  5. NHTikiBeckie

    NHTikiBeckie Mouseketeer

    Congrats!!!!! Which company are you using? I submitted 2/23 and am dying to hear!!!
  6. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

    Thank you. Good luck!

    Fidelity. Good luck!
  7. MapleGirl

    MapleGirl Perpetual Planner

    Congratulations! That's a great deal. :)
  8. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

    Thank you, yours was too! :)
  9. MapleGirl

    MapleGirl Perpetual Planner

    Thanks. We're pretty excited. Just waiting on the closing docs now. :surfweb:
  10. NHTikiBeckie

    NHTikiBeckie Mouseketeer

    That is a great deal! We are using TTS so I hope they find out on Tuesdays as well!
  11. Meggysmum

    Meggysmum Member

    Congrats! Can I ask what UY as I am wwaiting on an SSR going through ROFR at the minute and they seem to be grabbing some UYs.
  12. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

    Thank you. August UY
  13. michelleiada

    michelleiada Mouseketeer

    I paid $68 per point for a loaded BCV contract. We closed this past September. Don't let them fool you....listing prices are very inflated. I paid more than $10 less per point than what the seller was asking for!
  14. dbs1228

    dbs1228 Mouseketeer

    A LOT has changed since Sept. actually since mid Feb. supply and demand, disney is raising prices on all properties and are ROFR contracts back resales are being bought within hours on the market very different from Sept!
  15. NHTikiBeckie

    NHTikiBeckie Mouseketeer

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Yay yay yay!

    We passed ROFR! Phew...I can finally relax now :)

    Submitted 2/23
    Passed 3/19

    100 AKV pts, UY Dec, $65, 74 2011 pts, 100, 2012 pts, 100 2013 pts. Buyer pays closing and MFs.

    I am sooooo excited!
  16. jenbelles

    jenbelles Member

    Congrats!!!! I've been on the look out for your post!!!
  17. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

  18. wordwitt

    wordwitt Member


    Those are some great deals. Just goes to show you how fickle the Mouse is.
  19. puffkin

    puffkin DVC Owner- SSR & AKV

    Congrats, I was hoping to hear from you soon too! I think you got a good deal and know how long you were looking :cheer2:
  20. Brian Noble

    Brian Noble His Curmudgeonly Highness

    Mouse? Maybe not.

  21. wordwitt

    wordwitt Member

    Ha. I'm new here. Didn't mean to besmirch the Mouse's name.:rotfl:

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