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Anyone know what this is on the Dream?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by horizons1983, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. horizons1983

    horizons1983 Horizons 1 is now departing.

    I'm hoping someone might have some insight into this. When I was at the Contemporary Resort at Christmas I took a close look at the Disney Dream ship model near the 4th floor elevators. I noticed this verandah on top of the sports deck. Anyone know what this is? It's not publicly accessible as far as I can tell...if it was even actually built. Maybe it's for staff? Any ideas?[​IMG]
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  3. wifey1220

    wifey1220 Mouseketeer

    Is it the concierge private sun deck?? I was up there but not sure which side of the ship I was on.
  4. Meghatron

    Meghatron Mouseketeer

    Nope, I checked a deck plan; the concierge sun deck is at the other end of the ship.
  5. QueenGuinevere

    QueenGuinevere Earning My Ears

    That space is for the cast members. My masseuse in the spa told me that they have their own sun deck up there.
  6. cwdefouw

    cwdefouw DVC Member since 1999

    Definitely not a public area, but I have seen people up there, so crew area is probably the answer.
  7. horizons1983

    horizons1983 Horizons 1 is now departing.

    That was my guess too since the crew "lost" that pool area in the front (from the Magic/Wonder ships) to the teenagers on Dream/Fantasy.
  8. Sammylammy0225

    Sammylammy0225 Earning My Ears

    Hmmm I couldn't find it either,,,
  9. bliscum

    bliscum Member

    Yes this is an area for crew members only.

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