Another rude castmember thread

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by Julylady, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. rapunzels

    rapunzels DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 2010
    Maybe we should make a rude guest thread.... Sacasm.

    Anyway I know last week, I was the rude guest toward a CM. I walked away from the situation ok with how I talked to her, but within a few hours when we left, I would have apologized if I had seen her again in the park.

    Anyway my point is people say and do things they don't mean to sometimes. It doesn't always define who and how a person is... (Usually)....
    We don't need to drag them through the mud for it here on the boards....Unfortunately, you usually need to remove yourself from the situation to realize that.
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  3. Luvchefmic

    Luvchefmic DIS Veteran

    Jun 1, 2006
    Bravo to you ! IMHO there are far more rude guest stories than CM stories
  4. WDSearcher

    WDSearcher DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 2002
    I think that probably works about as well as ... "don't like the service, stop going." :goodvibes

    Seems like it'd be easy, but a place the size of MK, for example, is a bit different than dealing with customers in a standard retail or resort situation. The CM could be dealing with a guest in front of Splash while his manager is dealing with an issue in the tunnels; or the manager could already be dealing with something going at another location. And you'd be surprised how many crabby, nasty guests will scream and yell and then -- when the CM pulls out their Nextel to call a manager -- the guest turns around and walks away. So ... the CM is supposed to chase them down? Restrain them? "Call a manager to deal with it" only works if the guest sticks around. Most don't, because they know they're behaving badly.

    Guests are also a lot messier than they used to be, although I tend to blame that on people traveling with more "stuff" in general. Back in the '70s people didn't come into the parks with backpacks full of ponchos, first aid kits, juice boxes, snacks, glowsticks, posters for the characters to sign, and all the rest. No one carried a cellphone; no one had iPads. There was less "stuff" ... thereby less trash from "stuff". And everyone was more willing to walk the 16 steps to the trash can rather than toss the wrapper of their Mickey bar on the ground.

  5. Granny square

    Granny square Always planning a trip!

    Feb 10, 2012
    Of course there would be. It probably runs along the general ratio of cms:patrons. Because everyone has their moments.
  6. MinnieLovesMickey12

    MinnieLovesMickey12 DIS Veteran

    Dec 16, 2012
    I can't say that we have ever come across a RUDE Cm. I have had a few be very short with me when I have asked them something, as if I were putting them out or they would rather be doing something else. But nothing I would ever think to complain to anybody about, besides telling it now.

    I know people can't be perfect 24 hours a day every day of the week but when you take a job at Disney you should know going in that you are expected to be cheerful and helpful to everybody ALL DAY LONG. It's part of the job.

    Now I can't imagine working in those crowds in 100 degree heat with 80% humidity. I would not be able to tolerate it. I also know I would not be able to put up with those ppl's attitudes and acting entitled all day without telling someone off so I would never even try to work at Disney.

    I always try to treat ppl how I would like to be treated. And sometimes that means being nice to someone that is actually being rude to me. But I try to stop and ask myself...why is this person being so rude? What is going on in their life or in their day to make them feel the need to be that way? Maybe they just have a bad personality and are that way every day. But what if they just found out their mom has breast cancer or what if they are about to be evicted because they can't pay their rent. Or what if they are so broke they have gone 2 days without eating and it is making them crabby. I try to imagine the worst possible things that could justify why someone would treat someone else bad.

    If you ever come across someone who seems to be having a very bad day just stop and tell them I am sorry you are having a bad day. They may tell you to F off that they aren't having a bad day. Then you will know they are just an a hole. But it may be exactly what that person needs to let them know someone has noticed and someone cared enough to say something.

    But I do agree with a previous poster that Disney employees really should do their best to leave their bad day at the gate before they come in.

    If we are talking about what vacations cost in reference to how we should be treated then I can say just about everybody at Disney has spent thousands of dollars to be there and should be treated nicely. Your vacation may have only cost you $2,000 but it was really hard to come up with that $2,000. My vacations usually cost us closer to $7,000. But that doesn't entitle me to better service or treatment than you.

    But if I ever had someone yell at me or demean me in public I would most certainly ask to see a manager or go to guest services right then and file a formal complaint about how the Cm acted. But the incidents the OP mentioned are just incidents of stuff happens. Regular glitches in a normal day.
  7. Tonka's Skipper

    Tonka's Skipper DIS Veteran

    Jul 14, 2010
    In all the years we have been to the various Disney resorts we have never had a bad CM.:thumbsup2

    Frankly, following the threads over the years, I fully believe that some CMs have had a bad day, but I also fully believe some of the stories are made up and are just a need for attention by some (not all ) OP's.:sad1:
  8. *NikkiBell*

    *NikkiBell* The WDW Merchandise Walking Bible Moderator

    Jun 27, 2005
    With all due respect, I honestly never understand these types of threads. Your concerns need to be brought up to Disney so that these things can be fixed. The sooner this is done, the better. I understand venting and all, but that really is the only way to change things. Poor CM service is the result of two things: the destruction of what used to be a very good CM training program and guests not calling poor CMs on misbehavior. Complaints can still be sent even on d you are home.
  9. WeLoveLilo05

    WeLoveLilo05 DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2009
    These CMs are just humans, like you and I. Whose to say they weren't having a bad day. Just knowing how some people feel entitled to things (look at the stories of people hiring handicapped tour guides to get in front of the lines!) and the heat, etc. I can only imagine what some of the CMs encounter daily. If someone just questioned my ticket, I wouldn't let it ruin my day. I am in Disney.

    Maybe I have just lived in Jersey too long :rotfl2:
  10. FlightlessDuck

    FlightlessDuck Pluto's personal nose scratcher

    Jun 20, 2006
    If you actually think about it, being somewhere that employs thousands of people and running into two in a bad mood is probably actually pretty good odds.

    I'm not saying their attitude or actions where right, at all. I'm just talking about percentages.
  11. Missymouse18

    Missymouse18 Mousketeer

    Mar 21, 2012
    In all my visits to WDW I have only encountered one CM who was not completely pleasant, and it was not anything bad, she just wasn't on top of her game that day - so what? We are all human and we all have bad days. I love WDW, any and all things WDW, and a grumpy CM at WDW is better than not being at WDW at all :)
  12. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2011
    To be honest, don't think we have ever had a rude CM. We try to always make eye contact and smile or say something about the weather, the day, most any type of nice remark, and they usually react with the same type gesture. I have seen far more rude guests (to others, not just CM's).

    It's amazing what a smile or kind word can do for others, especially when you try to do it first - we sort of make a happy game of it. pixiedust:
  13. dayvewc

    dayvewc DIS Veteran

    Mar 20, 2013
    I am going to shamefully admit that I have been one of those rude guests. I normally try to be nice, respectful, and pleasant, but I took my parents to WDW for Christmas a couple of years ago and just about anything and everything that could have gone wrong the first day did. By 7 pm in MK, when the EVC my mom was riding broke down I absolutely lost it. Went by Guest Relations and completely vented to the CM who was there.

    I recognize that a lot of the problems that occurred were beyond Disneys scope to prevent or repair, and I can say I did not curse, raise my voice, or berate the CM. In fact, if I remember correctly, I apologized both before I vented and after. I had just reached a point where I had to let it out. And when I was done, (again if I remember correctly) I thanked him for listening and allowing me the chance to release my frustrations.

    It probably was not the nicest interaction he had had all day, but I sincerely hope it was the nicest complaint he had to deal with all day.
  14. Loves Disney

    Loves Disney Department of Redundancy Department.<br><font colo

    Jun 15, 2005
    I've been visiting Disney most of my memorable life and with all the visits, I have seen some crabby CMs. One in particular tainted my enjoyment of the Aladdin's Carpets in Adventureland. My dad has always been a social man and this one time, he was making a joke with a CM before we got on the ride. Once we got situated in the carpets (with my dad and little sister behind my mom and me), I overheard the CM talking to another CM about how "This idiot over there thinks he's funny. He just made some stupid joke." It just put a bad taste in my mouth. :sad2:

    I also worked for Disney a few years ago and as a CM, I noticed two types of Disney Cast Members - those who where there to make magic, and those who were there to make money. The Cast training is excellent - most of the time those who were there to make money were the ones who have overstayed (meaning, they became disgruntled and crabby)...nothing different than any other job type except working for Disney is working on a stage in front of thousands of people - far more noticeable when you shoot someone a negative look or complain about your job.

    Also, every CM experiences a rude guest. No matter how bad of a day you're having (speaking from experience), there are NO excuses for treating a guest poorly. None. I've had guests shove me, spit on me, throw things at me, and stand next to me saying every negative comment created just to test how long it would take to break me. I never once had anything happen to me that would cause me to mistreat a guest. Every guest (even those being rude) deserve to experience the Disney magic. Everyone. That being said, some of the worst attitudes in CMs would not come from rude guests, usually they have other personal problems going on. So, if you see a CM being rude, it's most likely NOT because of something you've done. He or she probably just doesn't play well with others and/or probably needs to step back and take a breather for a while. Hopefully it doesn't ruin your experiences and you can still enjoy Disney World! Like it was said before, these CMs are thankfully very rare. :)
  15. Epeyon

    Epeyon Mouseketeer

    Jun 19, 2011
    Everybody's so quick to blame the individual cast members, or a lack of training, or a bad day. But consider this, what if they're simply doing what they're told to do.

    Each year more and more cast members are college program kids. They're given very explicit instructions, they're told this is the way it is. If you don't do it this way you're gone. That's a pretty big incentive to ignore your generic Disney training and do what your direct manager says.

    When it comes to the turnstiles right now they're basically relearning how to control access to the parks. Managers are watching like hawks, guest relations is overwhelmed and the individual cast members are being told that they have to follow procedures to the letter. And sometimes they might be a little short or "rude" to guests who simply aren't listening to what they're saying.

    Other cast members have never been told that they have leeway in enforcing non-safety rules. 30 to 60 days after a cast member is brought in they're given an additional class about how they can go above and beyond. That's when they're told they're empowered to fix problems without needing a manager, and when they learn they have a lot of leeway.

    Beyond that cast members are being told to move guests faster and faster. If guests aren't moving then they're complaining. And if they're complaining it looks bad for managers. So the managers in turn start breathing down cast members' necks. And what do you do when your boss if breathing down your neck, you do what they say, even if it means being rude.

    And remember cast members see thousands and thousands of guests a day, how many times have they heard the same stupid joke? Eventually they're going to comment on it to a coworker, hopefully out of earshot, it's not meant to be mean, it's merely the frustrated gripe of a person stuck doing the same repetitive task hour after hour day after day with no real feeling of satisfaction.
  16. polyfor4

    polyfor4 Mouseketeer

    Apr 8, 2012
    Thank you for your story and your opinion! Your take on CM's is not only fair but its coming straight from the horses mouth- thank you for your commitment to creating magic!
  17. luvthemouse71

    luvthemouse71 Cries like a baby at Illuminations..

    Apr 16, 2006
    I give this person credit. I'm a nurse, I make good money and I would never tolerate someone spitting on me or shoving me. If they are demented or severely medicated, that's one thing. If not, I will be pressing charges.

    How horrible that some have such an entitlement mentality that they think putting their hands on someone is ok? :mad:
  18. aVASTGrl

    aVASTGrl DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2012

    omg our Dads would probably be bff's. My Dad will talk to and joke with anyone who will listen and he totally does not get the social cues indicating that the other person is just not that into it :rotfl2: I can only imagine what some CMs have said about him behind his back over the years!!

    I've certainly seen some apathetic CMs over the years, but never any outright rude ones. Most CMs I've interacted with have been amazing!
  19. aubriee

    aubriee <font color=brown><marquee>Chocolate always makes

    Dec 3, 2004
    We've had pretty good luck with CMs I guess. We are always friendly and polite and seem to receive politeness in return. The only time we've ever gotten irritated with a CM was a waitress at CRT several years ago. It was the very first year free dining was offered, so we took advantage of it and took our youngest son and D-I-L down there. We were all in a really good mood, laughing, and just wanted to enjoy breakfast with the princesses (at that time the Fairy Godmother was downstairs for pictures and Cinderella was upstairs with the rest of the princesses.) Anyway, once we were seated the waitress very sarcastically and rather rudely said, "I suppose you are on the free dining plan?". We sort of did a double take at her tone and said, "yes maam". She then went into this diatrobe about how horrible people were to take advantage of Disney and she just couldn't believe Disney was offering free dining and was a dirty shame. Huh?:confused3 I told her I gave up an AP discount on the room, had to buy a one day ticket I didn't need since I had an AP, and was not taking advantage of my 20% off TiW discount that I still also had (from my trip a few months before when I had bought the TiW card). The waitress just would not quit complaining about how horrible free dining was for Disney and people ought to be ashamed for taking advantage of Disney.:confused3 I finally lost patience with her and reminded her that Disney offered it, so of course people were going to utilize it and could we please just get our order and if not could we get a different waitress. She huffed and stalked off, but a few minutes later we heard her saying the same stuff to the party who had just been seated next to us. I still don't know what her deal was. We were just there for a fun meal and didn't want to deal with her complaints. Since when do the waitresses start their guest interaction with complaining about Disney policies, trying to make the customer feel bad? We were all in such a great mood, until she started complaining about people taking advantage of free dining and how she thought it was soooo wrong.:confused3
  20. flortlebap

    flortlebap Disneyiac!

    Nov 10, 2005
    The worst we saw was about 15 years ago.

    My mum asked a CM where the restroom was. The snarky guy rolled his eyes and said "Over there. Where the signs say... RESTROOMS."

    My mum is blind. I was NOT impressed, and I was only 13 at the time!!
  21. RabFlmom

    RabFlmom DIS Veteran

    Jun 4, 2003
    In the CM's defense he probably thought he was being funny because guests often do not realize they are right in front of something when they ask. at the age of 13 you could read the sign so the joke might have been directed at you. As a person who also has a blind member of the family, I have to ask did your mother have her cane, her seeing eye dog or was she just wearing sunglasses like most of the other guests and walking holding your or someone else's hand? My sis often just likes having people not realize she can't see and I am sure people would not realize unless she took her sunglasses off. Maybe that is what happened in the CM's case, he just didn't realize.

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