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All about the Autotrain

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by cherylp3, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. NJRRK

    NJRRK Mouseketeer

    That is where the "trucks" are; the wheels and axles.
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  3. Marshay

    Marshay I'm Goofy for Mickey. Don't worry if you get a bi

    Re: water on the train.

    If you are in a sleeper car, don't bother to pack water. Amtrak provides lots of bottled water for the rooms, and also has some extras in the lounge car.
  4. Marshay

    Marshay I'm Goofy for Mickey. Don't worry if you get a bi

    I'm sorry to hear your price has increased.

    Besides the Amtrak credit card, you can also transfer points from your Master Card with Ultimate rewards, if you have one of those.

    You also get 500 points to refer someone to Amtrak when they take their first trip.

    There are special promos through out the year where you can get bonus points for your travel, too.

    As for adding your mom, you'd prob have to call Amtrak to make sure it is handled correctly. If she books by herself, she will have to bring a vehicle along. So you'd want to make sure to modify your ressie, not book a new one for her.

    I doubt prices will come down for seats or vehicle...perhaps if your mom joins you may be able to use her car and see if Amtrak can switch you, assuming the car price is still cheaper.

    Best of luck and enjoy your travel!
  5. imlazar

    imlazar Mouseketeer

    We looked into using points last year, I think it was something like 20k for a trip. There are AAA discounts and midweek travel is cheaper than weekends.
  6. Marshay

    Marshay I'm Goofy for Mickey. Don't worry if you get a bi

    Plus you have to use points for your vehicle, too.
  7. jad215

    jad215 Member

    We just booked using points for our return trip in May for 30,000 points. 15,000 for a regular car, 15,000 for a roommette.

    Here's a link to rewards site, you have to click on "view the zone map" to see the auto train rewards (roommette would be for one zone).

  8. Marshay

    Marshay I'm Goofy for Mickey. Don't worry if you get a bi

    How easy was it to do? And was that round trip or one way?

    I am soon at enough points once I transfer in my Ultimate rewards...not sure how that all is done yet but we're hoping to do in 2014 or 2015.
  9. jad215

    jad215 Member

    The process is very easy. You have to call the guest rewards number. That was for one way (sanford to lorton). I looked to see which way was more expensive and we used points for that trip and paid cash for the other (lorton to sanford...using AAA discount it was $477 for the car and roommette, but we also book really early).
  10. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick Mouseketeer

    Our family is seriously considering the Auto Train for our 2013 trip. My question is this: if your car is the last one off (we're considering my streak of luck, here), how long is the wait from the time the train disembarks?

    I'm thinking of my hubby here. He suffers from anxiety and doesn't do well standing in any one place for very long (constantly has to be on the move). So, waiting in a train station for two hours after we disembark might make me change our plans to a flight instead (which I would not like to do.....the Auto Train will save us close to $1,000).

    Thanks in advance. :)
  11. denise5374

    denise5374 <font color=CC0066>Dares to say CRUISE out loud<br

    On our recent trip, our car was one of the last ones off, probably in the last 25 or so and our wait was about an hour from the time we de-trained.

    The stations in Lorton and Sanford are large with places to stand or sit or go outside and wander. Thats what I did when we were waiting.

    I have pictures of the station that I hope to post sometime soon.
  12. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S DIS Cast Member<br><font color="orange">Has the be

    we just came home Sunday and we were near the end too and it was exactly an hour- we were talking to people next to us so it went really fast.

    They do a pretty good job getting you out quickly. I hear if your last you get an Auto Train mug:rotfl:
  13. denise5374

    denise5374 <font color=CC0066>Dares to say CRUISE out loud<br

    Do you remember what you car number was? There was a family sitting near us that was convinced there's was going to be the last car out (as were we). Our car number got called so I never did find out if there's was last? It's funny sitting there waiting for your number to be called, you can see the disappointment on peoples faces as the other people get up to leave :)
  14. DJFan88

    DJFan88 Mouseketeer

    All of this is totally true to our experiences on the way down and back. We were literally the last train to be emptied on the way back. An hour is a perfect assessment.
    Plenty of room to walk around inside and outside.

    Go for it -- we loved it and will be doing it again without hesitation.

    The meal times really break things up for you as well, when on the train -- so much more room with walking around to lounge, etc. and even in between the seats. We had the last row of seats in one of the cars on the way back and we had this extra like standing room which I used alot and just leaned over the back of the kids seats if they were playing a game or something. Plus you could go sit at real tables in the lounge and bring cards or games or something.
  15. dalspot

    dalspot We're going back!

    I'm sure the time waiting will depend on the number of vehicles on the train that day - but if you're the last car off, you'll get a nice Amtrak souvenir coffee mug to take home! We use ours proudly ;)
  16. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S DIS Cast Member<br><font color="orange">Has the be

    We were 433 or 443. Were you the couple that dropped your son off from school and had the cute dogs?

    I see you are from Philly suburbs- so are we.
  17. denise5374

    denise5374 <font color=CC0066>Dares to say CRUISE out loud<br

    no, unfortunately my dog stayed at home :( Being a 100lb chocolate lab he may have made the other guests uncomfortable, not to mention he would take up a whole bed :laughing:

    We are from Montgomery County, you?

    We are planning on using the AT again next August for our trip. H hates (hates) to fly and taking the train is much more relaxing.
  18. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S DIS Cast Member<br><font color="orange">Has the be

    I meant pics of their dogs:rotfl: We had the same conversation with them that you did with your fellow train travelers- everyone was so nice on the train.

    We are also from Montgomery County. We didnt plan next years trip yet but I would def do the train again.
  19. FigmentChick

    FigmentChick Mouseketeer

    Thank you guys so much!!!! :goodvibes I really appreciate the quick and accurate feedback. I think we can handle an hour. Hopefully, it will be shorter than that, but if not, I think I can keep hubby busy!!!

    And I realize you guys are from Montgomery County, but give some love to the South Jersey girl. lol I'm only 25 minutes from Philly, but you'd never know it with all my farmland!
  20. denise5374

    denise5374 <font color=CC0066>Dares to say CRUISE out loud<br

    Here are some pics of our lower level roomette:





    and the bathroom (its really that small!)


  21. loveysbydesign

    loveysbydesign I can pinch a penny so hard you can hear it scream

    Lehigh County here but only 6 miles from Montgomery county, up above Pennsburg and Hereford!

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