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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by emerald51362, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. emerald51362

    emerald51362 New Member

    I am second guessing my stay at CSR and trying to decide if we should stay at AKL instead. Pool view rooms. DH, DD13 and myself. Any suggestions. This is first trip ever
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  3. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    Have never stayed at CSR, but love AKL :goodvibes. We've stayed in pool view and savanna view and we loved our pool view just as much as the savanna view. The pool view was great as it was conveniently located to the lobby, gift shop, and elevator to go down to the pool and Mara. If it were me, I'd switch.
  4. jude&jonah

    jude&jonah New Member

    I think only you can really decide for yourself- considering I'm guessing it's a big price difference. If it helps- two years ago I debated deluxe vs. csr and ended up choosing csr. Not a single regret! It feels like such a luxurious resort- the grounds are beautiful- the rooms are very nice and updated- and the pool is great! I think if you are in a position where it's easy for you to pay a lot extra for AKL- why not- since deluxes often have a lot more perks. However, I personally like to spend more money on nice dining.

    Also keep in mind with AKL you pay deluxe prices- but are not close to the theme parks like most of the others are.
  5. MomofDisneyLoversx3

    MomofDisneyLoversx3 New Member

    While I ADORE AKL, I like CSr quite a bit. If the price difference was less than a certain amount (my personal cut off is $200/week) sure upgrade. I will say I personally will only stay at AKL w a savannah view so CSR is a nice option. They have a great food court, the rooms have a more luxurious feel than the other moderates (IMHO) and the grounds are beautiful. My dh is a runner and prefers running at cSR.

  6. dminnie

    dminnie New Member

    I'm so glad to see comments like this about CSR. We just switched from POR to CSR for our March trip and I've really noticed a lot of good comments about CSR (and POR) on this site. The reviews I see elsewhere for CSR (and actually, all disney resorts) are so mixed.

    I hope my DH and DS like the running there too. DH has said he gets a bit bored running the same route when we are at Disney. I wish I would hear more about the fitness center they have.

    I'm glad to hear it has a deluxe feel. Deluxe is not in our budget.
  7. emerald51362

    emerald51362 New Member

    We will be staying at CSR I have never stayed at a Disney resort. It's been 39 years since I was at the World. Everything I have read about all the resorts sound wonderful.
  8. jessc79

    jessc79 New Member

    I've stayed at both and liked both but AKL was much better in terms of theming in my opinion and of course the animals are amazing. But I wouldn't pay a lot to upgrade as CSR is nice too and the pool areas are comparable. To me the animals were worth extra but I'm not sure how much. $200-$300 for the week? I might switch.
  9. pixie08

    pixie08 New Member

    Honestly there is no comparison. AKL is a deluxe resort and CSR is a moderate, add to that the uniqueness of AKL and it is sure winner. However the price could be a deciding factor, and what is important to you. We are resort people so it is important for us to have a nice resort to relax and enjoy the pool. Others are at the park all day every day and the room is just a place to rest their head, so spending a lot more does not make sense.
  10. pamkat1820

    pamkat1820 New Member

    My vote is for AKL. It's a great resort with a lot to offer. I have never stayed at CSR. My SIL lives it there. To me it's like comparing apples to oranges. Make a list of what u want in a resort. And see which one matches up
  11. KatMark

    KatMark Active Member

    We have stayed at both (CSR ten times, AKL Kidani Villa once) and love them both. If this is a once in a lifetime trip and you don't plan on going back, then splurge and go with the AKL. If you plan on going again within a year or two, then take the CSR now and do AKL the next trip (a lot of people feel it is hard to stay at a deluxe and then move "down" to a moderate; truthfully, up until the time we started renting points and getting our resort cheaper than a moderate, we were happy going down from the Poly to our moderate).
  12. ADisneyQueen

    ADisneyQueen New Member

    I like CSR. I have not stayed at AKL, but ate at Boma's and toured the resort. It was nice, but kinda dark inside. I just like the themeing more at CSR. I can see the animals at AK. CSR would save you a little more money to either save or do something special for your dd.
    My girls are 12 and 16 and we don't spend a lot of time at the resort. They want to go to the parks a lot. You may be in the same situation since you don't have little kids who need naps and more down time.
  13. polkadotminnie

    polkadotminnie <font color=teal>I still like the idea of a glass

    I have stayed at both and they are equally wonderful. CSR has a great pool area with a slide and playground. AKL has the animals and lots of resort activities. I like to walk around the lake at night at CSR. i love the smell of the meats cooking at AKL. You should have a great trip whichever you choose.

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