Adding Free Dining to Already Booked Package?

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Is it possible? I would think Disney frowns on this, thinking that the whole point of the free dining deal was to bring in NEW bookings, not adjust older, already established bookings. But I'm curious, are there people here who have done it, and/or do it all the time? I'm assuming even after booking the initial package online, that adding the free dining promotion would then have to be done over the phone? And if it's done over the phone later, does it show up on the online booking screens? Are you given a hard time by the reservation line when you call and ask?
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    Oct 24, 2008
    When I called last week to book my package the lady told me I would be able to call back if there were promotions going on and get it added to my package provided they landed in my vacation period obviously. I wouldn't take what they told me as completely true, however this is what I was told
  3. deakam

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    Up to the 45 day mark on your reservation you can change anything or cancel anything without a fee. When you have a reservation and wish to change to another special offer they will cancel your first reservation and then book the new special offer. They will first check to make certain that the resort and dates you want are available.

    The problem with booking and then changing is that Disney offers specials like free dining---to fill rooms at resorts that are nowhere near full. If everyone books and then hopes for free dining...the rooms are not empty....therefore the odds of a special being added are smaller.

    I have changed to free dining on several occasions. Both times I have had to add an extra day to fit my vacation into the dates available. For this reason I do not purchase plane tickets until much later.

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