? about reflux issues from food and juice for my 7yr old

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    Over the past few years I have been eliminating different foods and drinks from my dd's diet. She no longer drinks milk she does have dairy products I just don't give her milk to drink she seems to have trouble w/ it and she refuses soy, however I have been considering giving her skim milk to see how she does. It took forever to get her to drink something other than milk she was about 5 when she started drinking juice I have since transitioned her to the Motts for Tots. My store only carries three flavors Apple, Apple White Grape and Fruit Punch. I for the past six months I have been experimenting w/ the three flavors around June or July she had been belching really badly and very fowl smelling. So I cut alternating the flavors an stuck w/ just the apple juice and no problems for a couple of months, then I switched to the apple white grape for the same amount time w/ no trouble and since we had a trip in december and christmas holidays I didn't want to jeopardize them by trying the fruit punch so I just got around to trying it and w/ in one day she was belching again we finished that bottle and have since gone back to just apple for right now. My concern is whether I am dealing w/ just reflux or possibly an allergy. How can I determine what is causing this and where is the best place for me to get info on things to stay away from if it reflux.
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    I would get to a GI division of a childrens hospital for an evaluation.

    The fact that there is an atypical odor to her belching (most belches are not all that good smelling) and becomes frequent should be looked at to rule out any serious issues.

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    Have you tried adding water to the juice to cut down on some of the acidity? My sister used to do that for her children when they were small. She would make it about 2/3 juice and the rest water.
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    Absolutely. Reflux can be very serious. It can destroy the esophagus and do major damage to the lungs. Now don't obsess - most of the time it does not. It is very preventable. As she is so young this needs to be monitored. She is being exposed to some risk and will be for decades.

    I have reflux and never had any heartburn, etc. It can do a lot of silent damage. I get tested every few years just to make sure there is not any precancerous damage to my esophagus. Esophageal cancer is usually very deadly when discovered. It usually can be prevented. Sort of like colon cancer.

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