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A question from a cruise newbie

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Tinkerkell007, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Cgracia30

    Cgracia30 New Member

    I have never been on a cruise... We will be going on the Wonder in May for our first 4 night cruise together. My husband has cruised before and doesn't get sick.
    Having lived in Florida, I have been on those evening gambling cruises. They all got me queasy. I would visit the ship doctor and I would literally pay to get a "shot" that would help with my queasiness. I think the shot was about 40.00. It always helped and kicked in fast.
    Is something like this available on the DCL ships from the doctors? Has anyone done this? What is the cost?
    I have tried the seabands and they don't work for me :(
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  3. Heyriddle

    Heyriddle New Member

    I would love to hear more about this shot. How long did it last? I would much prefer a shot than taking nasty pills every ?? hours.

    The patch completely blurs my vision. Imagine waking up and thinking you have no eyelashes. This is when I discovered the sea calm. If it is indeed the same strength as bonine, then omits be crazy. I still get sea sick with bonine. Maybe they put some added pixie dust in the sea calm.
  4. Yorkshireterror

    Yorkshireterror New Member

    That's interesting. Probably an anti-nausea medication in the shot?

    I hadn't really thought about sea-sickness in preparing for our first cruise, but now I think I'd better prepare. I get car sick really bad and have to take Dramamine on long trips. It doesn't help much, lol. Maybe my doc will prescribe me something before we go. :thumbsup2

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