7/18/2010 Mickey's Baltic Ballyhoo!! Part 4

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  1. jilljill

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Welcome to Mickey's Baltic Ballyhoo!! Part 4

    Meet your fellow Ballyhoo'ers

    (New Ballyhoo'ers, PM jilljill with info to be added to the roster!)

    1. Disname:Caropooh-Carolyn
    DD14(16 on cruise)-Alana
    DD9(11 on cruise)-Kathryn
    This will be DH and my 5th cruise, DD's 4th
    Cat 9 stateroom 2606 Aft starboard
    We live just south of Seattle, WA
    I work for Boeing
    Andrew works for REI(Recreational Equipment Incorporated)

    2. Disname: cruisin'Mike
    Real name: Mike
    Pharmacy school student, graduating in May 2009!!
    DW: Linda (on the DIS as cruisin'Linda, but but usually just posts under my ID or makes me post for her.) Nurse who is putting her husband (me!) through pharmacy school, and for doing so, deserves whatever vacation she wants!
    DS11: Zack (will be 12 on the cruise) - Likes Star Wars, soccer, swimming
    DS9: Nick (will be 10 on the cruise) - Likes Pokemon, swimming, soccer
    DD9: Hailey (will be 10 on the cruise) - Likes Hannah Montana, High School musical, dancing, basketball
    We're in a Cat 4 GTY.
    This will be our 7th DCL cruise.

    3. We're in too! This will be our 5th Disney Cruise, and we were on the August 8 Med Cruise last year.
    We are:
    DH: Dan
    DS: Caleb (14 at cruise time)
    DD: Ivey (12 at cruise time)
    We are veterinarians who hail from Lenoir, NC
    We're Cat 5 room 7052

    4. DisName: Flora Fan
    First Name: Cindy - Crochet, photography
    Family: DH/Joe - surfing the net, politics
    Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
    Cat #: 7570

    5.Disname: Friend_of_piglet
    First name ( of main poster) Sooz (Susie really)Hobbies Disney,Travel, Tv addicted. I'm a Disney Castmemeber. I have been for nearly 8 years.I don't work in the parks though. I'm really shy( hence the piglet name)
    Family with you
    DPARENTS-Carl (retired), Alicia (retired)
    Location.We live in Los Angeles.
    We wanted the same cabin we in on the eastern repo. which we got. Cat 6 6620

    6.Disname: jilljill
    First name (of main poster) Barb
    Hobbies Disney Travel, & former CM of 8½ yrs
    Family with you
    DH Jay
    DD Alexa, will be 16 when we cruise
    My brother, sis in law, and nephew (who will turn 15 on the cruise)
    English friends and kids (16,12,8)
    Location.Where you live Newark, DE & Windermere, FL
    Cat number if assigned. 7620, cat. 7 aft
    We have done 8 DCL cruises. This will be my brother and family's first DCL cruise, as well as my UK friend's first cruise.

    7. Sadly JoAnn and family have had to cancel.
    Disname:jlawall-- JoAnn - teacher (mostly me)
    Ken - self-employed real estate
    DD25 Tara Ad school graduate living in NYC
    DD23 Tracy Grad school student
    DD20 Jessica Junior in college
    We are booked Cat. 6 6598 & Cat. 11 6599 (Also currently booked on July 30th REPO Cat. 6 6080.......we'll see ) We'll be celebrating our 30th anniversary on this trip

    8. DIS name: Disney Fool
    first name: Vera
    booked: Cat 9, #2568
    family: myself, and Arielle, my friend's 19-year-old daughter (will be 21 when we cruise) who is very excited to go
    We're from New England, (Massachusetts--home of the bean and the cod)
    interests: world travel, crocheting, piano, books AND FOOD!!!
    I've been to Oslo, and Copenhagen before. Never been to St. Petersburg --and I'm dying to see the Hermitage Museum. Hello, All

    9. Disname: hawaiian mickey (Henry)
    hawaiian Minnie (Brenda)
    We both love to travel and eat good food.
    late seating
    Cat 9 -2076
    8th cruise

    10. Disname: flower91882
    First name ( of main poster): Danielle. Hobbies: dance, video games, crafts
    DH: James. Hobbies: video games, martial arts, cooking
    Location: Outside Washington, DC
    Cat number if assigned: Cat 11. #7121

    11. Disname: “Hanover"
    First name of main poster: Danielle: Human Resources Director/ Hobbies: scrapbooking, photography
    DH Derek:full time police officer in Maryland/part time wedding disc jockey
    Keegan (DSthen 13--now 11): sports fanatic--especially football and baseball, loves to draw, listen to music, skateboard, video games
    Brennan (DS then 9--now 7): loves to draw, loves all sports-- especially wrestling and baseball, video games, Star Wars and Pokemon)
    MIL Joyce: MD financial investor
    We are from Hanover, (surprise!) Pennsylvania--famous for Utz and Snyder's snack foods, Hanover Shoe Farms (race horse breeders) and located about 15 minutes from Gettysburg. This will be our 11th DCL cruise
    Cat 6 and Cat 11

    12. Disname: ANDREW DEREK UK
    First name ( of main poster) ANDREW Hobbies Travel, Trains Sci Fi
    Family with you
    DW/ Susan Hobbies Movies Music
    DD/ Alice 12 now Hobbies Art, Keyboard, music, homework!!!
    DS, Stephen 10 Hobbies X Box 360 Trains Guitar
    Location.Where you live London UK, to the East of the City in Essex
    Cat number if assigned. Midship Cat 3. 8532
    Kids also post as AL'N'STEVE

    13. Sadly Izzi and family have had to cancel.
    First name ( of main poster) Isabel (Izzi to my friends)Hobbies Disney, Travelling, my family & friends
    Family with you
    DH/ Paul Hobbies Football, food
    DS/ Joshua will be 14 Hobbies PS3, speaking to his friends on his mobile !!!
    DS/ Ethan will be 11 Hobbies PS3, football
    Location.Where you live North London UK.
    Cat number if assigned. Midship Cat 4. 8028 at the moment

    14. Disname:MrsG
    Main Poster: Maryann - biology teacher
    DH: Tom - banker
    We live in Malverne (Long Island), NY
    Cabin Cat 6 #6580 - same one we had on the Med.
    We are empty nesters who enjoy cruising just the two of us. Will be celebrating our 33 wedding anniversary in 2010. Both of us have always wanted to see the Baltics and can't wait!!!!

    15. DIS name:Celestine
    Names: Celestine, DH Paul, DD Lauren (10 when we cruise), DD Hermione (5 when we cruise)
    Hobbies: arts/crafts, Disney!!
    Lives: Reading, England
    Cabin: 7535, cat11

    16. Disname MEG'N'WALT
    First name ( of main poster) Dagmar Hobbies Travel,movies, pirates, bellydance
    Family with you
    DH/ Jos Hobbies Movies, reserve officer
    DS/ Walt age 7 on the cruise. Hobbies old cars (herbie), wall.e..
    Location :Lede, Belgium (between Ghent and Brussels)
    Cat number: Midship Cat 9. 2570
    Med cruise : 08/08/07 - 18/08/07
    Baltic cruise will be our 5th on the Magic

    17. Disname: BishopFamily
    First name (main poster): Richard
    Family with you :
    DW- Nancy
    DS- Jordan 12 (time of cruise)
    DD- Abby 7
    Location: Near Portland, Oregon
    Stateroom: 5522 (SPH)
    We also have the 8-night Dover-To-Barcelona cruise (b2b)

    18. Disname: salliep
    First name ( of main poster): Sallie. Hobbies:scrap booking, home-keeping,crafts, reading tons of magazines, cooking, spending time with DH and DD
    DH: Jimmy. Hobbies: spending time with family, reading, traveling
    Location: Long Island, NY
    DD: Carley will be almost 16 when we cruise
    Cat number if assigned: Cat 5. #7072

    19. Bellelinus (Julie)
    traveling with daughters Elizabeth, Katherine, and Meredith
    New York City

    20. Disname : BluegrassBelles
    Donna - Computer Programmer
    Joan - Pharmacist
    Sandy - Interior Designer
    Sarah - Law Student
    This will be our eighth and ninth Disney Cruise (b2b 8 night to Barcelona)
    Cat 4 Stateroom 8556
    We are from Lexington, KY and did the Mexican Riviera the first time, 11 night June Med Cruise and WB PC May 08

    21. Disname: Downrivermama- Tina
    Hobbies: Reading, crafts, travel
    DD- Kaitlin (will be 12)
    Hobbies: Collects postcards, likes HSM, Hannah Montana, iCarly, choir and dance.
    We are in Wyandotte, MI about 8 miles south of Detroit.
    My 50th birthday 7/20 and Kaitlin will be starting middle school

    22. DIS Name: eeyorelvr10
    REAL Name: Laura (main poster) turning my favorite number on the cruise - 44)
    DH: Steve 44
    DS: Andrew 25
    DD: Megan (Turning 24 on the cruise)
    DD: April - 18 possibly a graduation gift for her too.
    DMIL: Janet - can't say her age - she'll kill me.
    Laura's Birthday: 7/23
    Laura & Steve's anniversary: 7/21
    Megan's Birthday: 7/20
    Janet's anniversary: 7/21
    Andrew's Birthday: 7/7
    We are in connecting Cat 10's not sure what the other one is but one is 2607

    23. DIS name: Kouris Family
    traveling with Hawaiian Mickey and Tiny Bubbles
    So we have 4, Kay, Mark, Christian 9 and Hannah 6
    we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary on this cruise.
    Very much looking forward to this cruise.
    This will be our 3rd Disney cruise. Med 7-7-07, Mexico 6-29-08
    We are on floor 7 Cat. 11

    24. The Drexel Family
    Disname: Bullseye Baby~ Janie (47 at cruise time)
    DH- Dave 47 at cruise time
    DS- Riley 17 at cruise time
    DD- Sierra 13 at cruise time

    25. DisBoard Name: Pixie Dust II
    Harole Ann & Garry :angel: Harper
    Grandson Ryan
    Live in northern West Virginia about 35 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA
    dh - Garry - retired high school band director
    me - retired excutive secretary county Board of Education
    Hobbies - Travel and enjoying our family
    Most recent Disney Cruises - Mediterranean, 2007
    Eastern Caribbean -Family Cruise - 2008

    26. DIS name: Marla Hellwig
    this will be our 2nd dcl cruise and just me (Marla) and my daughter (Kara) who is currently a senior in high school and has no clue what she wants to do when she graduates next June
    She is wrapping up her marching band high school career and her swim season (swims for 2 teams) has started I will try to check in when I can and more than likely won't be able to keep up

    27. Tiny Bubbles
    Traveling with Hawaiian Mickey and Kouris Family

    28. Dis Name: 4KittyMagic
    Real Name: DH: Jeff DW: Diane DD: Kylie
    This is our 5th Disney Cruise
    Cat 6: 6078
    From Sunny Las Vegas, Nevada
    Looking forward to seeing our Rome-ancing the Mouse
    Friends Again!

    29.Silver 7
    Mark & Teresa
    David DS 19 (21 on cruise) College Student, video games, computers
    Stephen 16 (17 on cruise) (Foreign Exchange student in 2008/2009 in Kiel, Germany) Sports, music
    We live in Houston and this is our 5th Disney Cruise. We were on the June 16th Med and the Transatlantic.
    Cat 4 Stateroom ??? (its a MYSTERY )

    30.Disname: MrsScooby
    First name ( of main poster): Laurie
    Hobbies:Reading (scifi/fantasy/mystery novels), Dis Board, Disney Pin Collecting, Biotech patent examiner
    Family with you:
    DH Darren
    DS Andrew, will be 16 when we cruise
    DD Kelly, will be 13 when we cruise
    Location(Where you live): Fairfax VA
    Cat number if assigned: 5014 (cat 8)
    Celebrations: our 18th wedding anniversary 7/19/2010

    31.Disname RJAYL
    Me- Robert, On the Dole anyone got a quarter for a cruise
    DW-Denise Full time Home Agitator
    DS-Allen will be 17 (Hockey Computer X-Box PS-3)
    DD-Arielle will be 15 (Figure Skating Reading Annoying siblings & Parents Speaks French Fluently!)
    DD-Karisa will be 9 (Figure Skating, Talking, Learning to Speak French Fluently?)
    DD-Shaina age at time will be 6 (Hockey Bouncing general mischief & mayhem!)
    We are just outside of Boston
    We are doing Captains/early/main Dining
    We are located some where on Deck 8 on the opposite side away from Andrew!
    My first Trip to WDW was 1971 we stayed at the Poly

    32. DisneyDoc1895, real name Ken
    DW is AnitaDisneyVacation
    DD#1 will be 8
    DD#2 will be 10
    We are from just north of Philly, but I already have my FL license and plan to move there someday
    This will be our 3rd DCL cruise, we did the EB Repo this August

    33. Karen aka Madisonznana
    my DH Bob is Madisonzpapa even though he doesn't play here!
    Madison (our DGD) will be 8 at the time of the cruise.
    My BIL Randy
    His DW Alina
    Their girls, Rheanna who will be 10 and Shelby who also will be 10

    34. Msec (Michelle)
    DH, DD14 and DD12

    35. Disname: jjsmith
    Me: Rob
    Wife: Toni
    DD 12(on cruise)-Addie (dance, theatre, texting)
    DS 10(on cruise)-Sam (video games, sports)
    This will be our 2nd Disney cruise
    Cat 6 stateroom GTY
    We live just south of Cincinnati in N. Ky

    36. Disname: disneycruising (Cindy)
    DD (16)
    DS (14)
    DS (12)
    DD (10)
    We live in Northern California.
    We have 3 B2B cruise booked right now. This one... the July 30th --8 night & Aug 7th --11 night med. We will have to see as the time gets closer... what ones we can truly afford.

    37. Disname: tfitz
    from Hilton Head SC
    Me and husband plus three kids:
    DD(11 at time of cruise)
    DD(6 at time of cruise)
    DD(4 at time of cruise)
    This will be our 7th cruise with Disney
    Cat 4, starboard midship requested

    38. Disname: ladyvet
    Caleb (14 at sailing)
    Ivey (12 at sailing)

    39. Disname: Samanthasmom1- Monica
    DH: Scott
    DD: (will be 6 when we cruise)- Samantha
    Cat. 9 room # 2632 (I think) right now
    We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico
    We will be celebrating our DD's 7th birthday. She turns 7 on the last day (7/30).
    We have been to Disney World many times in the past couple of years but have never been on a DCL cruise.

    40. DIS name: KathyInCitrus
    Mundane name: Kathy (with Mary & Sandy)
    I'll be in cabin 5012. I don't know the other cabin number yet.
    I live in Florida full-time, Mary & Sandy live in Rhode Island in the summer, Key West in the winter. They visit me on the way down and back.
    I am "between" positions at the moment and studying for a degree in communication; Mary & Sandy are retired Navy medical types.
    [OK, so I'm not 20-something] Let's just keep it friendly and call me a baby boomer and leave it at that.

    41. DIS name: Disney Pata (Joyce)
    my husbands name is Rich
    Dining First Seating
    Cabin #6566 for both cruises - we are doing b2b 7/18 & 7/30
    We live in the City of Orange, In OC, CA
    This is our 5th cruise

    42. Disname: mstinson14 Real name Sharon
    Daughter turning 14 on July 25 2010.
    category 11 room 7035 will have fish extender

    43. Disname:Doingitagain - Marie
    DH -Tim
    DD21 (on cruise) - Beth
    DD18 (on cruise) - Michael
    This will be our 8th cruise (9th for DD)
    Cat 3
    We live in Minnesota, close to the airport in the metro area

    44. disname: caven 553 - Brent (36)
    DW - Lisa (35)
    DD - Larissa (6)
    Father in law - Ken
    Mother in law - Linda
    Sister in law - Laura (25)
    Brother in law - Leon (30)

    Links to Useful Information

    http://www.oanda.com/ (foreign currency exchange rates)
    http://www.xe.com/ (foreign currency exchange rates)
    http://www2.absolut.com/customTempla...lut.com/icebar (See individual links for Absolut icebars in London and Stockhlom)
    http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UT...7,0.07081&z=14(Google map with links)
    http://www.inyourpocket.com/ In Your Pocket city guides website. Download of the guides of each city are also available. I believe they may update the cities quarterly

    Dover and London, England
    http://www.belowzerolondon.com/icebar/index.html(Absolut icebar)
    http://www.tfl.gov.uk/gettingaround/default.aspx(London transport info)
    http://www.enjoyengland.com/Attracti...me-Tunnels.htm(Dover Castle and Secret Wartime Tunnels)

    London airport codes for those that need to know are:

    Heathrow - LHR
    Gatwick - LGW
    Stansted - STN
    Luton - LTN

    Oslo, Norway
    http://www.ohv.oslo.no/cgi-bin/ohv/i...1&sprakid=3295(cruise ship port)

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    http://www.tivoli.dk/composite-5023.htm Tivoli Gardens

    Warnemunde, Germany


    This is borrowed this from cruisecritic. This guy lives in Germany and is full of so much info on the Warnemunde area and other areas in Germany. His pictures are very detailed with information and gives very specific instructions or walking, biking or going by train.
    There are several links on the right hand side to click on for more info.

    If anyone has any questions that can't be found on his site I'm sure you could go over to cruisecritic on the European boards and ask him directly

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Stockholm, Sweden
    http://www.nordicseahotel.se/en/The-...bar-Stockholm/(Absolut icebar)

    From Barb (Jilljill): Train, coach or private transfers.

    Easiest place to catch the train or coach is Victoria Station, but there are a couple of other connection options in the city. There are many private transfers available but can be outrageous due to the distance, about 2 hours.
    Last summer we used the National Express Coach and it was around $60 for the 3 of us one way. Had I booked it sooner it would have been cheaper. Will definately book it at 12 weeks out for this cruise.

    I've found some links for transfers:

    http://www.landflight.co.uk/ (Silverline are a private taxi service)

    An offer only for 7/18/2010 cruisers:
    Originally Posted by Celestine
    London Tourist Info
    I know I'll probably live to regret this, however....if anyone would like tourist info. on London, sites etc. I am happy to collate stuff & send on. Please PM me with your snail mail address & an ideas your thinking about, or particular interests, e.g. I'd hate to send an art philistine like myself a whole load of stuff on the numerous galleries in London! I will also include some maps & tube planners etc.
    Please send a PM to Celestine if you want to take her up on her most gracious offer.

    Official Pirate List
    The first number is the thread number, the second is the pirate post number.

    1-1000 - Bellelinus - "Pirate Czarina"
    1-2000 - Disneynutinlondon - "Queen Chattylicious"
    1-3000 - Bellelinus- "Pirate Czarina"

    2-1000 - RJAYL - "Bloody Robert the Kidd'rrr"
    2-2000 - Caropooh - "Countess Ballyhoo of the Baltic"
    2-3000 - jlawall - "Captain Lucky"

    3-1000 - cruisin'Mike - "Captain Bling (of the Gold-Coast Bling's)"
    3-2000 - MrsScooby - "Pirate Scooby "
    3-3000 - Bellelinus- "Pirate Czarina"
    3-4000 - Bellelinus- "Pirate Czarina" (Yes, we did hit over 4000 posts on this thread!)

    4-1000 - RJAYL - "Bloody Robert the Kidd'rrr"
    4-2000 - MrsScooby - "Pirate Scooby "
    4-3000 - RJAYL - "Bloody Robert the Kidd'rrr"

    Link to Barbs photos from here 2008 Baltic cruise. The link takes you to the middle of the photo posts, so you will need to view back a few posts and forward a few posts to see them all.

    Links to previous threads

    7/18/2010 Mickey's Baltic Ballyhoo!! Part 1 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1974960

    7/18/2010 Mickey's Baltic Ballyhoo!! Part 2 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2006323

    7/18/2010 Mickey's Baltic Ballyhoo!! Part 3 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2057967
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  3. Disneynutinlondon

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    Jun 20, 2006
    I'm in and 'm the first :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: I wonder who'll be next ???
  4. RJAYL

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    Apr 3, 2006
    :headache: :mad: :sick:
  5. jlawall

    jlawall <font color=royalblue>Captain Lucky, the Great Pro

    Aug 19, 2002
    I'm not sure what this means........are you mad that Izzie beat you to it?:confused3
  6. Andrew DEREK UK

    Andrew DEREK UK DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2004
  7. alanapapa

    alanapapa <font color=purple>Knows someone who drives a brai

    Jan 2, 2005
    I might need to post a few here too, before my Caro does, I might have a higher post count for just a little while.
  8. bellelinus

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    Jan 25, 2006
    You frightened me! Go post on the other thread and let's finish it up!:goodvibes
  9. Andrew DEREK UK

    Andrew DEREK UK DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2004
    I do not believe that, I do that to the people on the 'wonder' thread.

    Now funny thing,

    New thread started up saying DCL considering San Diego as a home port, for West cost cruises.

    I posted that at least TWICE on different threads, in the last two months!!!! (and was told it wouldn't happen! why will people not listen to me?)

  10. Madisonznana

    Madisonznana DIS Veteran

    Oct 17, 2006
    I live only a bit over an hour from San Diego!:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :yay: :yay: :yay: :banana: :banana:
  11. Andrew DEREK UK

    Andrew DEREK UK DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2004
    You might be lucky then........:wizard:


    Whilst I have posted about this since early January it could be a 'ploy' to knock down costs at LA, the same was done with Tampa and PC to get a good deal at PC.
  12. Caropooh

    Caropooh POO, are you? POO POO, POO POO!

    Jan 3, 2005
    You were ahead of me for awhile, but now we are even!
  13. bellelinus

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Hey Barb, I noticed that the first post still says to PM Izzy for additions or changes . . . that should be you as long as you are in charge of the first post . . .
  14. MrsG

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    May 28, 2002
    Just thought I'd subscribe to the new thread!
  15. alanapapa

    alanapapa <font color=purple>Knows someone who drives a brai

    Jan 2, 2005
    We will have to see about that.
  16. alanapapa

    alanapapa <font color=purple>Knows someone who drives a brai

    Jan 2, 2005
    See I am ahead of you again.:rotfl:
  17. MrsG

    MrsG <font color=peach>We teachers ARE the worst!<br><f

    May 28, 2002
    Who am I to get between a DH & DW!!!!!!:rotfl2: :rotfl2:
  18. jlawall

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    Aug 19, 2002
    I love San Diego.........
  19. bellelinus

    bellelinus <font color=deeppink>You have liberally applied fl

    Jan 25, 2006
    I agree . . . I just think it would be strange for DCL to use a port farther away from Disneyland . . . not that San Diego is that far from Anaheim, I suppose. I suspect Andrew is correct and DCL is bargaining for the best deal.
  20. jlawall

    jlawall <font color=royalblue>Captain Lucky, the Great Pro

    Aug 19, 2002
    Well we both know that Andrew is correct.:cutie:
  21. jilljill

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Thanks, I changed it.
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