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10 days of theme park madness 3 at universal and 7 disney!!

Discussion in 'Universal Studios Trip Reports' started by pattiken, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Day 3 or Saturday sep 22nd..
    We slept in a little today (8am) and took our time this morning...The boys had a late night so I didnt want to pressure them on rushing..We had already done the Harry Potter early entry so we could by pass this morning.
    After a nice breakfast in the club room we got ready and headed over to IOA by the Ferry..love these rides, so tropical. We wanted to do this park in the morning and then some of US in the afternoon.
    First ride this morning was The hulk for the boys
    [​IMG]..DD and I chickened out on this..in hindsite and sitting at my computer I wish I would have done it...Oh well next timeThen we wandered through Super hero island as we hadnt really explored this yet. The boys again braved another ride..Dr dooms fear fall...When they were doing this DD and I met this guy[​IMG]
    He was great.. I didnt think he would talk but was nice to DD as she was a little afraid at first.
    Up next ride we all rode was

    This was ok..a little jerky at points but not bad.
    We walked through toon lagoon again but had no interest in getting wet this morning..We had running shoes on today...Can I digress a little :offtopic: DH and my feet were ruined on this trip..by day 3 and onward it was running shoes every day...I had read other people say the only wear runners but I thought since i were flip flops all the time I would be ok...:sad: no way could my feet take them lol I probably could have saved lots of room in my suitcase if I hadnt brought all the nice shoes I wanted to wear...I guess lesson learned.
    So anyways...through Jurrasic Park were DD and I rode Pteranodon flyer..love this and into Harry Potter

    It was busier this morning as the park was already opened..not that bad though..we didnt feel like riding anything ..came for one thing..mmm butter beer!!
    Wandered back behind the Hogs head restaurant was so nice and peaceful

    We hung out here for awhile and soaked up the quiet!! I wandered into the restaurant to look at menu..This place was great love love love it!!
    We decided we didnt feel like eating yet as I really wanted to go to Bubba Gumps over in city walk..I think it was only 1030ish and we werent starving yet...
    Then we wandered through the shops...6 years ago I probably would have spent a fortune here as DS was so into HP..even had the glasses..I think he was Harry for 3 seperate halloweens..anyways..saved money and didnt buy anything
    Then it was over to the Lost Continent were we went into Poseidons fury..[​IMG] This was interesting..you go into different viewing areas..actor was good and the finally was great..loved the effects.
    We didnt do the sinbad show because of course my family didnt want to wait..oh well on my list for next time..
    Moving on we head to Suess land as again we didnt explore much first day. Great theming here loved it all from bright colours music!!
    We rode the Trolly ride which was cute and a nice way to see the whole suess land..then DD and DH rode [​IMG][​IMG]
    While they were doing this I needed to go and meet this great guy...
    I wandered around and took some nice pics...
    Well that was it for IOA until next visit...next lunch time and our favourite meal of the trip Bubba Gumps!!!
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  3. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Goodmorning everyone
    Todays lunch was at Bubba Gumps..Ive wanted to eat here for awhile so we decided to give it a try...We headed out of IOA and walked over to city walk. Walked into a couple of shops..of course kids were admiring the giant gummy bear at the candy store...crazy that thing..no pic sorry
    Walked right into Bubba gumps with no reso..place is huge so we didnt have to worry about that.
    Loved this place..One of my fav movies so all of the references to Forrest Gump was great.
    First thing I spy on menu..one of my DH and my favourite things...
    We actually bought some of the corona bottle holders to use at home as well..loved this idea. The kids ordered some fun drinks as well..smoothie type..sorry dont remember what kind but the glasses were great

    They have a cool sign at the table if you dont need service you keep it on the blue sign that says run forest run and if you need service you put it on the red for stop forest!...
    The food was really yummy as well..of course all kinds of shrimp dishes..
    DD had the kids pocorn shrimp boat..
    and here is DS shrimp 3 or 4 ways which he loved
    I ordered the fish sandwich which was good but lots food..should have split with someone..however since we were about to head to disney on dining plan I should get my stomach ready for lots food!!![​IMG]
    DH ordered some sort of pasta..(I really need to take notes next time)
    Everyone really enjoyed there food..While we were waiting for food you are given a pail to go in the store shop which is dangerous lol..DS bought a long sleeve tshirt and i bought a regular tshirt
    [​IMG] Only one dessert on this meal which was DD kids sunday that we all had some of...Embaressing moment up..
    We were so used to charging everything to our room that we stopped bringing cash and credit card with us..I assumed we could charge our lunch since we were still at Universal resorts..Bill was over $100 and we had no money :blush:.I figured DH was going to have to run back to hard rock and get some money while I had another drink :thumbsup2..So we explained to the waitress what happened and she said we could charge but they dont like to ..blah blah blah..saying we would have to wait over 10 min while manager wasnt busy and could call Hard Rock to verify..Only part of meal I didnt like she wasnt very nice about it...We said no problem we would wait...10 min later all done charged and signed..phew crisis averted..
    Leaving lunch we were stuffed and wandered around citywalk for abit again
    At this point we only had a couple hours left to visit US as it was closing at 5..so we could go back to pool and relax or head into US...Of course since this was the trip of the theme park madness we headed over to the park.
    When we entered we see the characters from Despicle Me so DD and I rush over to get pictures

    Went on some riders...Of course mummy ride again..I really wanted to see the BeetleJuice show as I had read alot about it on these boards so we made our way over there and a show was just about to start..So DH and I ordered nice frosty beverage and headed in..kids might have gotten something as well..We found a nice spot in the airconditioning and relaxed for the showpopcorn::
    Loved this..so fun great dancing and singing...We didnt get to see anymore shows here as family really didnt want to..Oh well at least I was able to see this one..
    All weekend we had been smelling the turkey legs and it was killing us and even though we were still full from lunch we decided to get one so that everyone good split...

    It was yummy but very salty!! I was glad we tried it but I dont think it would be something I would order again. We relaxed for a bit in newyork part of US to have the leg..At this point I could see in everyones faces they were beat so we said goodbye to US and headed back for some much needed R&R...DS had a nap while DH and I brought DD down to pool.
    Up next last night at club room ...
  4. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    I will finish up my report with our last night before moving over to disney trip reports...
    It was our last night in the concierge room for the trip..very sad...wow busy night, I guess it was saturday night and halloween horror night..We had some great snacks that we will call diner..pretty sure there were the shrimp covered in noodles and ginger beef satays..also dont forget the wonderful complimentary cocktails!! The staff in here were great making shirley temples for the kids.
    I had really wanted to see the other resorts in Universal so I convinced my family to take a nice leasiurly stroll over to the Portfino Bay hotel..I think it was only a 10 min tropical walk...By now as it was day 3 we were playing the "how many lizard game"...Being from the north we dont see lizards so this was fun as they were everywere and we were always scared we would walk on one.
    As we were walking we could here wonderful italien music playing..very nice touch..beautiful resort makes you feel like you really are in venice or florence.

    We watched the balcony singer for a while..very romantic lots of people dancing in the piazza..if i were to come just my husband and I this would be nice place..lots courtyard little restaurants..
    We wandered through resort and wanted to find the pool..of course something kids always want to see.
    There was a movie on , and a few kids swimming...Concesses was hard rock slide looked better
    we wandered around a little more
    then took the boat over to city walk.
    It is farther back than hard rock so I definetly feel hard rock is better choice just due to the fact it was closer.
    Wandered around city walk for awhile

    Again I could see the tired faces on the family so we realized it was time to head back...I didnt make it over to the royal pacific hotel ..next time
    We decided after a nice stop at our club lounge for nightly snack of churros and yummy carmel and cream sauce we would head down to the pool.
    They were showing spiderman 3 so we found some loungers and watched the ending while kids swam.
    Checkout was sad as unfortunelty all vacations must come to an end...however we still had 7 days ahead of us at disney so we were ok...after leaving we headed over to outlet mall and did alittle shopping and hit sonic burger on the way over to disney.
    Thank you everyone for reading...This really was one of the best vacations as a family for us and I know that if we ever make it back to Universal we will def stay at Hard Rock hotel..club level!!!
    up next...I will move this report over to disney trip board
  5. BurleyGirl

    BurleyGirl New Member

    We'll be staying at PBH in March for three nights, and can't wait to see Harry Potter for the first time! We'll also be scooting over to WDW for another five nights, so I've read your report with great interest. Your photos of Bubba Gumps have made me want to eat there again. We ate there five years ago, but my DS has since seen the movie and would get a kick out of being there and making the movie connection. Thanks for posting...I'll follow you on over to read the rest of your story...
  6. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Thanks for reading :goodvibes
    Sounds like nice trip..kinda like ours. PBH is really a beautiful hotel and the boat ride to the parks is very nice. Harry Potter blew us away..amazing!! We cant wait to go back to see the new part in a couple years. My DS really enjoyed bubba gumps same reason he has seen it, were DD didnt see movie although she still enjoyed restaurant...
    We ll see you over on the disney sidepixiedust:
  7. loganpaulsmom

    loganpaulsmom New Member

    I loved reading your TR.. My family and I were going to stay at HRH club level and do a split stay at Disney, but Universal was so expensive that we decided we couldn't do it.
    I would b very curious to find out what type of fast pass you got for Disney? I have never heard of one like they have at Universal at Disney Nd this will b my 14th time..
  8. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    It was very expensive trip..once in a lifetime for us for sure! Im not really sure on the pass..I wouldnt want to get him in trouble :littleangel:...I think it was more like a disabilities pass..although I wouldnt want to think of it like that since none of us have a disability..I do believe in karma..u never know so i will think of it more like a pixiedust: pixie dust pass for us...does that make sense ..kinda of wordy reply lol..I believe it was being in the right place at the right time.
  9. happydisneymom

    happydisneymom New Member

    I went to Universal for one day about 14 years ago (wow, I'm old) and enjoyed it but after reading this post I am even more excited to take my kids this upcoming summer. YAY, thanks!
  10. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Thanks for reading!! Thats great your bringing kids..I loved the joy on my kids faces...made it all worth while! wish we were going back sooner..Have great trip:cheer2:
  11. WanderlustNZ

    WanderlustNZ New Member

    Thanks for the great read. I've just booked HRH for September next year and your TR has made me more excited.
  12. DaddyDon

    DaddyDon <font color=blue>My oldest daughter said i was a h

    Love your trip report...Glad you had a great time on the dark side...
  13. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Thanks for reading :goodvibes
    September is great time to go, Ive been trying to convince DH for us to go back at that time..crossing fingers!
  14. pattiken

    pattiken New Member

    Thanks for reading :goodvibes We loved the dark side!!!

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