You may not know it.......but we do, and we thank you!


Earning My Ears
Feb 25, 2001
It's amazing how many people a discussion board such as this one can reach.
You may not realize that your comments are not only helping others plan their vacations, but are also reaching people who are directly related with
these parks.

On behalf of several people linked to Islands of Adventure and Universal, I thank you for all your kind words! It's very nice to hear when you have made someone's day, or how much they like a show. Listening to your praise about performers, rides, resturants DOES get back to us.

It's such a wonderful feeling when a co-worker approaches you and says "Look at what I found on the website! It's about you" and it is someone saying how much they appreciated your show, performance..ect.

We may not post often, but trust me...we do read, and we really do appreciate all your lovely comments, and even some of the not so lovely ones too when they are constructive.

So thank you to everyone here who has posted a positive experience within the parks! It means a lot to us.
You are welcome, Rogue. I'm not a regular on these boards, but I love US/IOA. And the experience is NOT just the rides. We met many, many wonderful people there who entertained us, fed us, and made our stay quite wonderful. Can't wait to get back!!!
It's very easy to say something nice about Universal/IOA. It is a great place to visit and the employees make the experience even more magical. It is US who are grateful for all of their wonderful employees.
Thank YOU
And thanks to all like you that strive to make our visits to USF more memorable! A very big welcome is extended to all, from all, to join in on our favorite topic....Universal Studios Florida!
Now, let's cut to the chase. You're an insider, you gotta give us the goods! We wanna know what you know, now. We DO have ways of making you talk!
OK, we'll go easy at first....what is the highest point value target on Men in Black Alien Attack?
Oh, forget it. This is too premature.
Glad you signed on and hope to here from you a bunch!
Cool! And thank you for posting! Great to hear people on the inside know about us on this board. :D

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:eek:WOW, what an honor, Rogue! :eek:
From Universal's biggest fan

(I know others will beg to differ) <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I say <font color=blue>Welcome and thank YOU!</font>


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I love to compliment people when they have done a wonderful job and I have to say that our vacation 2/12 -2/22 was great. We had an awesome time. This is our second year in a row at the Portofino Bay and the parks. We actually bought annual passes. My kids are universal and IOA fanatics now. They are already saying "Next year when we go...." I just wanted to comment that here in NJ you are getting a lot of commercial play. It is all over the stations. There is also a promotion at Dunkin Donuts. I have 3 friends that will be staying at the Portofino in the next 6 months. One is leaving March 19th. I have raved about the hotels and the parks. I am glad to see that things are going really well. I hope to see new things next year when we go. See I am doing it to. I guess it is official. We will just have to go again next year.
Hey robin...i dunno...i think barry or I am bigger fans than you! :D ..but who could doubt EARL!!!...Hey I'll try and visit you all down at universal again soon... :( wishin I was there...


Thank you!

If you see me at the parks wearing a DIS shirt, stop by and say hi! :)


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