Yacht and Beach Club Renovations? Might stay at the Yacht Club!!!


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Jan 27, 2001
When will the YC be finished? When the the BC begin and be finished? Thinking of staying at the YC for a few nights in a couple months!!! First stay at an Epcot Resort!!!

I couldn't get a straight answer out of Central R because, according to them, there is nothing scheduled for the Beach Club. I think they are doing Yacht now and then moving on to Beach Club. There are earlier posts with more specific dates.

I decided to roll the dice and go with Beach Club. Maybe I'll get lucky and bump up to a better room.
I posted this on another thread, but saw this one just now.

My DW and I have ressies for BC in Nov. CRO told us nothing (but of course they are so out of the loop on news/information anyway!).

We called BC directly. Yes, there are guest room rennovations planned for BC -- should start "shortly." (CM said maybe late Sept., early Oct. -- "whenever YC rennovations are concluded.") I asked would this impact common areas - pool, restaurant, lobby, shops, etc. Answer: Not at all -- guest rooms only.

I asked would guests be "inconvenienced" by noise, dust, laborers, etc. Again, answer was no. They will work on "sections of guest rooms" and they will not locate guests in/near the areas where remodeling is going on.

Cape May will be open; B&C will be open; no pool closing, no impact to shops, recreation, etc. The CM I talked to said I probably would not even know they were remodeling guest rooms. (I'll believe that when I DON'T see it! :) )

Just got back from the YC today. We could definitely hear the noise of the construction. Woke us up one morning, the morning after we were trying to sleep in after enight. There is a lot of construction going on at SAB, many, many workers there.
We just came back from the BC. I saw several "official" types walking around on the 3rd floor with what looked like carpet samples.
If you look at the transcript of the DIS Q&A Chat made with the General Manager of the YC/BC/BCV done last month, he made the statement of when the renovations would occur with the YC & BC. I don't want to misquote him, but please do a site search of the chat transcript...he did make a mention of the schedule! :D

YEAH BABY!!!! YC RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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