Wyndham Palace priceline $33 =amex $


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Mar 23, 2001
Ok folks, looks like we get to go and for less than the price of the ASMu that I had booked at the $49rate!! I am trying to go for 4 nights under $1200 (or not too much over:-) ) for Labor Day weekend. Last year we stayed at BWV (1st trip)- DH thinks we should wait to take DD back (she is 6) I don't want to wait.. she's only little once !!
So, priceline $160.99 for 4 nights at the Wyndham Palace..
I would like a King bed with a pull out sofa bed.. do they have this? how can I get it? or do we have to go with 2 doubles? what about renting a refridgerator? what about the pool? can it possibly compete with the keister coaster at the BWV? Will we be disappointed with the Wyndham after the BW? is the Wyndham better than the All Stars? where to eat? charges for parking? valet? should we rent a car or take transfers?
hmmm.. HELP!!
Great rate - hope you have a super trip!

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bump.. lots of questions on the Wyndham (above) please help me out with any info that you have!
Go the Wyndham web site, many of your questions will be answered and you'll find some pictures.
BW has a better pool and location but you'd have to pay 5-10 times the price you're paying.


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