Wow - We Love Our DVC Purchase!


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Jun 9, 2000

We're new members and have already booked two trips! One in March at Old Key West and one in October at Wilderness Lodge Villas.

I made our reservations for October last week. Over the weekend we had a scare with my mom concerning her heart. Well, it turns out it was just her blood pressure medicine and too much caffeine combined. But, as we were walking out of the hospital I thought about enjoying our time together a little more.

My mom and dad both have said they would love to stay at the Wilderness Lodge - so today I called Member Services and was able to book them a studio in October! woo hoo It feels good to be able to do something nice for your parents (we're usually on the receiving end). I think our DVC purchase is turning out to be one of the best things we've done in a long time.

We're already thinking about an add-on at the Beach Club!
littlestar - I can <i>completely</i> relate to your excitement.

We bought in April, 1997 - and have taken both sets of our parents over several times since then - as well as sending them alone many times. It is a WONDERFUL feeling to "give back" to them after all these years!

We're going over to Vero weekend after next, and taking my Mom's cousins who are down from MD - just for the night. We'll probably end up watching the SuperBowl and just playing cards - but it's a GREAT getaway, and my Parents LOVE it!

Enjoy your new membership!
That is the best part of can do so much with your points. We're going for a 3 day stay at VB this April, 2 weeks this summer (VWL & BWV), and we're giving a week in September to my niece for her honeymoon. And while I know that we certainly paid for these points it just always seems to me like we're making all these ressies for free (no downpayment, no balance due when you arrive). This is definitely more fun than hunting for resort discounts! Have fun.
That's also the reason why I am so happy with my DVC. I can now have so many little vacations on our own, or saved up for a big family reunion thing. And in May, we're treating our friends to HH! I would never be able to do so without DVC.


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