Wouldn’t making other Disney park in U.S help with land space?

old lady

DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2007
If both Disneyland and Disney world are running out of space to make new rides or resorts, wouldn’t a new park help? Maybe don’t make it a history park like what Eisner wanted, something more like Disneyland and Disney-world magic kingdom without California adventures and Epcot.

gelatoni fan

DIS Veteran
Mar 18, 2018
Disney World isn't running out of space and having another park elsewhere doesn't solve the space problem at Disneyland. Disney doesn't have the cash to do this type of expansion right now either.


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2012
What it could do, is spread Americans. Don't think many non-Americans would go to Nebraska or Wyoming for a Disneypark.

Doesn't solve the space issue in Disneyland, but might lighten the crowds in DL and WDW.

It is not going to happen anyway, but still.