work part time at Disney Store?Worth the discount?

i dont think that they are allowed to tell the general public but it is a much better discount than we get. i would work at one if there was one near me.
I think they get some great discounts. I saw a post that listed some on this site about 2 weeks ago, can't remember which one, sorry! Anyway, I went to our DS and filled out an ap, I marked that I could work sat. and sun. only( I have a full time job M-F). The CM told me that they require 4 days a week minimum. That is not very part time in my opinion!:rolleyes:
Yes there are great discounts when you can use them. But let me say that DS CMs work hard to get these discounts and they are well deserved. One of my dear friends is a DS CM and between working or on-call at the DS and her regular full time job, I barely get to talk to her. Go to your local DS and inquire about a position, maybe the SM can give you more info.
Thanks for the advice, everyone-- I couldn't get anything out of the woman at the DS-- just that they got great discounts. WDW in five days! Yippee!
It might vary from store to store -- not the discounts, the hours. ;)
We had two TDS in town. One closed 01/01/02.
Disney offered positions to only three or four CM's at the store that closed.
One CM told me she was only working four hours a week. But she was happy just to be there. I think she is up to 12 hours now.
One local CM just went on a Disney Cruise. I heard from another person (different state) that DCL was offering good gruise deals to CM's.
When the CM returned, she said they were offering a deal for anyone who went on a cruise now, could be on another cruise in the Fall for only $99 per person! :eek: Needless to say, she's doing it! ;)
I don't know if this cruise special was for the public, or just CM's. But if it is CM only, THAT alone would make it worthwhile to be a CM!
I work M-F too. And many of the PT CM's here do. If I could just stay in the back and undo stock, I would be happy. :) But I know they don't need anyone here right now.
From what little I have been told (unofficially) and overheard, I think the discounts depends on how long your employment with Disney has been. XX% at so many days, increaes after another XX days.
the $99 fall cruise special was for anyone who went on a criuse in Jan. not just Cm's. However , I had all Cm's for table mates on my cruise so I think they get a discount on the cruises( they didn't say, I didn't ask).
I worked at the DS in college and discounts were pretty good. I can't remember the exact percentage but it was more than DC offers. You also receive 2 free 1 day park hoppers twice a year. I'm not not sure about the hotel discounts because I never went while I worked there, but from what others say it is a substantial discount as long as there are rooms available for CM's.

Things may have changed as this was about 5 years ago. I actually have been toying with the idea of working at a DS this summer. I'm a teacher so, I'll have the whole summer off.


I have a question .....
The CM that was working at TDS only 4 hours, was she ALSO able to get the discounts?
TDS discounts for merchandise start at 20% and go to 35% after 3 years I think. You also can get great deals on passes. It isn't what it use to be but I hear it still is good. But the pay is strictly minimum and the hours and be very few. You definatley do it for the discounts not the paycheck....
I have been looking into a part-time job at my local DS. This is what I have been told, belive it or not: DS CM get at least 50%(sometimes more)off resort prices, 2 free 1-day park hopper passes a year, 20% off merchandise at DS and WDW, 20% of meals at most sit down restaurants in WDW and some counter service. Now all of this happens as of day 1 of your employment and it doesn't matter how many hours you work. One CM told me that she works every other Saturday and that there is another CM who comes in on Thursday mornings for 3 hours to unload freight!!! Is this a dream or what? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get hired!! Oh and I almost forgot, CM's get into all parks all the time for FREE!!! This must be a dream!!!!!!!!
You're right. I'm not as far away as you are but still I'm not close. Oh well, I look at it this way; how else can a person from Iowa become a Cast Member. When they told me that if I got hired I would have that title I almost fainted!!!
As a DS CM, you can get upto 50% off of a resort room. You also get your discounts on merchandise while in the parks as well. So the discounts are very worth it. I went last August by myself for 8 nights and saved a $1000. That's right, a $1000. I got 50% off of my room, had my free passes that I'd been saving up, plus the discounts while in the park...which added up to about a $1000's. It's worth it. Now, just to keep you informed. Each store varies as to how strick they are when it comes to asking for time off. The store I worked at, it's now closed, had a large number of CM's so we were able to ask for time off during the summer. The summers and from Thanksgiving on through Christmas is generally Blacked out for vacations, but again, it might vary depending on how big the store is. Just before the store closed, the DS was beginnning to crack down on how much time you could ask off, so be carefull about going into it thinking that you're going to get time off when ever you put in for it. Just asked during the interview about time off and how it's handled. I loved working at the Disney Store. Working for Disney is like being in a family. I wish you well in finding a job with Disney. And may the Mouse be with you.
Hi Boston Tigger - You didn't mention whether or not you got into the parks for free. I'm glad to hear your experience at the DS was a good one. I really need to get a part-time job to supplement our household income and I thought what better place in the whole world. To be surrounded by Disney stuff, it doesn't even seem like it would be working!!!
I also believe they get a discount on buying into the vacation club.
Let me 1st say that the 1st requirement for working at TDS is to really LOVE Disney. Working there for the discounts and perks just isn't enough. We have had many that have done that, and didn't last a month! There is a lot to learn, the pay is minimal, there are on call hours where you won't know if you are working until 1 hour prior to the shift. Most shifts are no more than 4 or 5 hours, and that may be the only shift that you get that week. Then again, during Christmas, you may have 5 or 6 shifts a week, when you would most like to be spending it with your family. You are required to give weekend and evening availability and there are blackout times, when you cannot request off for extended periods of time (this seems to vary district to district). When you are at work, you are constantly moving, doing something... selling, straightening, stocking, cleaning... you can't just stand around.

I have been with the Disney Stores now for almost 3 years, and I still love the people, love the product, and practically every cent that I make there goes right back to Disney, either in the store or at the parks. Yes, the perks and discounts are wonderful, but the real secret is to truly LOVE it!
Hi Eeyore0062 - How lucky to have such a great place to work. I would never expect any job to be one where you would just stand around. I'm a very busy mother of 2 and daycare provider and am always moving!!! I do love Disney more than anything and Think that it would be wonderful be to be surrounded by Disney and working at the same time. While the perks are appealing, I doubt I would get a lot of use out of them with the exception of the store and catalog. I do not have a husband who understands my "obsession" nor is he supportive of it. If it were up to him, the one time he has gone would be the only time for at least 10 more years. YIKES!! (I'm hoping to convert him!!). So you see, I think that working at the DS would be the best way for me to be part of the magic!!!
I began working for TDS in October as a seasonal CM. This Jan. I became a permanent CM. I love working here because it is Mickey:earsgirl: I am unable to get to parks as often as some of you guys (who knows when I will be going:D ). So, this is as close to Mickey as I can get right now:D
DisneyFan09, you sound like someone that they would be looking for... go for it!!! I was not saying that you, or anyone else imparticular here on these boards would expect to stand around, but you would be surprised at some castmembers that are hired that get there and expect to do just that. They really get the surprise of their lives, let me tell you--lol:)

As for going to the parks, when my DH saw how much we could save by going there with my discounts over going elsewhere, he never argues about going and actually has a great time, now that he knows it is more than just the Magic Kingdom...I just owe him a golf game one of these trips;) I have now got him talked into moving to Florida next year to further feed my obsession, and he is honestly now psyched about it. Get that job, and see if the magic works on your hubbie:)


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