WooHoo, We're cuisin'! A few questions about details


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Sep 7, 2000
DH said to go for it. Now I just have to get our deposit in to DU. I was wondering if there is a page here that tells just what is included in the insurance purchased thru them, or should I just email Vicki for the details? Will we get papers from them explaining everything now, or a few weeks before our cruise? I'm not worried about the excursions or on board the ship, just the "legal" details. (Never been out of the country before) I've read the threads about ID and what to claim, is there anything else "legal" wise that I've missed? Do I need to know "legalize" to fill out the forms?

I've been reading the posts here for months because DH and DS were interested. I, on the other hand, have NEVER had an incling to cruise. But, I was curious for them, so I started reading the posts. You've turned me into a cruise person! It sounds like soooo much fun! I know we'll have a great time!
Our travel agent faxed us a sheet which fully outlined trip/health/baggage/cancellation insurance. I would imagine DU would do the same. Also, check with your credit card company. Many of the coverages you pay "extra" for, are actually already covered "if" you book the entire cruise on a credit card. You can also check w/ your existing medical company to see if they cover you if you leave the U.S. Some do, some don't. No sense in paying extra if you are already covered. To leave the country, you simply need to have a photo ID (drivers license) and a birth certificate (must be official with the seal). You won't actually get your cruise information booklet until 2-3 weeks before cruising (unless things have changed since we last cruised). But it is plenty of time to get things in order. Most importantly, complete these documents prior to going to the terminal. Read them carefully. There are a number of areas where you need to sign. Also, the easiest way to pay for "charges incurred onboard" is to use a credit card (which also makes checking out go by much quicker!). You will need to write the credit card number (exp date, card name holder, etc) in your cruise document where it is designated. MAKE SURE you have the card with you at the terminal, as they will request it. Then, any onboard charges will be directly billed to your credit card. You will be given a full receipt of these charges, or can request a copy mid-way if you want to see where you are at. I hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise!!!! It is a wonderful and magical experience.
Thanks Willow. I really wish they would send booklets out farthur out for people like me. I know I will find more info here than any booklet will give me, but it's hard to curl up on the sofa with the computer. LOL
There is a wonderful download of info I found last year. Inkognito probably knows what I am referring to. Or she may have it listed as a link on her Platinum Castaway website. But it has numerous pages of info, from excursions, to spa treatments, to menus, etc. Also, packing check lists. It was more info than you will ever get from Disney. Hopefull, someone will read this and provide you with a link!!! But this board is an incredible help!!! I asked questions up until 2 hours before leaving for the cruise! It is easy to get excited about!!! I'm glad you aren't going to let the smoking issue effect your decision. I think you will find it to be a VERY MINOR inconenience, if any at all!!!
I've got the site bookmarked and have gone thru some of it. I'll have to check out the downloads, I didn't see that when I was there. I did show DH the menus and excursions, but don't think we will be doing any of them. (money) We are not as "broke" as I make out. We just have a lot of medical bills to be paid, which we can manage, but the reasons for the med bills make me want to get away for a while. DH and DS really want to go on a cruise. That is the reason I started looking into it. All of you have convinced me that it is not like I thought it would be, so we're going for it. I'm sure we will have a great time! but I get nervous doing new things. I'll keep reading this board and I'll go over and check out Inkognito's site further. Thanks!

(I did see from another post that there is a book called "Bahama's for Dummies," I think I'll have to check it out the next time we go to the library. )
If it is any consulation, I had never been on a cruise (nor had any desire to do so). But after my first 3 nighter, I was hooked, and am going on our third cruise again. You will have a great time!!!
I think the guide that Willow0256 is referring to is from Entropy's Website, it's called 'The Magical Disney Cruise Guide' and can be downloaded and then printed out on your own printer.

He may not have had an opportunity to update the section about Immigration Procedures at St Thomas reverting back to normal for US Citizens yet, but it is a very thorough work.

This is a link to it: Magical Disney Cruise Guide by Entropy


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