Wonderland Tea Party - Should I send 7 year old daughter


Jan 23, 2001
I know that this only lasts one hour and I can probably hang around somewhere quite close outside but I'm a bit protective of my DD and I would like to know whether it is safe to leave her. I don't want my paranoia to limit her enjoyment as this happened to me as a kid. Could anyone please put my mind at rest so I can go ahead and book. Also does anyone know the cost and how to make the booking.
She will be very safe. I have a physically handicapped DD that went in December at that time she was 10. She also went on the pirate cruise and loved it. When you drop your child off you keep the yellow copy of your receipt to pick up your child with no receipt no child. Now I'm sure you would eventually get your child back without the receipt but I'm also sure not until all the kids are picked up and you presented ID.

Bob, Drew, Eva & Lisa are the Grand Floridian children's staff and they are WONDERFUL.
Debsi, the cost of the Wonderland Tea Party is $22.95, and you can make a reservation by calling 1-407-WDW-DINE. Oh, and you can make your reservation 120 days ahead of time. Have fun!

We haven't been to the tea party, but my grandkids did take part in Adventures in Cooking in December and they had a ball. Drew and the gang at the Grand Floridian do a wonderful job with the kids. Just make sure you don't lose your receipt if you want your daughter back. (grin -- just kidding)

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Send her!! We sent our 4 y.o. dd and she loved it!! They are so nice there, and I felt very comfortable leaving her there. I too tend to worry about leaving my kids with virtual strangers, would not leave them with in-room babysitting ever, but would do a group thing, such as the tea party or the Neverland Club, etc.
It does last about an hour to an hour and a half, and we stayed at the GF and got some lunch poolside.



And she might like the Pirate Cruise, the Cooking Class, and the Neverland Club, too!! My 6 year old has done all but the Cooking Class, and looked forward to having adventures on her own...it made her feel very special and grown up. It is very safe, and the CM's are marvelous with the kids. These are definitely experiences of a lifetime, and ones that should be enjoyed while she is still young :)

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Hi Debsi - I know how you feel. I was a little nervous leaving my two (DS is 7 and DD is 4) alone on the Pirate Cruise and at the Neverland Club. As soon as I met the CM's, though, I knew my children were in good hands. The Pirate Cruise was so much fun and they were really miffed that they couldn't go to the Neverland Club every night.



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I've never heard of these clubs...I must be missing something! :rolleyes: What is the minimum age for these activities and how much do they cost? it may be a good excuse for me and DH to have a nice dinner together :D

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OK, minimun age for all of these is 4 yo and potty trained.

--Wonderland Tea Party--held at the GF. It is one hour long, and costs $22.95--includes lunch, arts and crafts, stories read by Alice, visits from other Wonderland characters, an opportunity for autographs, and an autographed picture of you child with some of the characters. It runs from 1pm-2pm--days vary.

--Pirate Cruise--Begins at the marina at GF. It is 2 hours long, and costs $22.95--includes snack. The kids ride on a boat (with well fitted life preservers) to the beaches of the Polynesian, Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge to collect pieces of the treasure map--then they head to the beach by River country to dig for there treasure. They are accompanied on the cruise by 2 child life specialists, and 2 certified life guards. It runs from 10 am to 12 pm,--days may vary.

--Cooking Class--At the Grand Floridian. It is 2 hours long, and costs $15.95--includes snack. The kids are read a story, and then get to cook the food that is in the story. It runs from 10-12, days may vary.

--Neverland Club--Located at the Polynesian--costs $8/hour and includes a buffet dinner, open 7 days a week from 4 pm to 11 or 12 pm. Set in the theme of Peter Pan, it is an after hours daycare. When you take the kids in, they sprinkle Pixie Dust on them, and they get to climb through the nursery window into Neverland. They have movies on a Movie theatre sized screen, games, arts and crafts, video games, computer games, and toys. They even have a miniture sized replica of Capt Hook's ship for them to play on. Sometimes characters visit, or a animal specialist might bring in an animal for them to see, and talk about. They give you a beeper so you can be reached, as well as giving you their number so you can check in.

My daughter has participated in all but the Cooking Class, because we weren't there when it was offered. She loved them and has asked to go back again. The child life specialists are great with them and are known for remembering the kids from each time.
--If your child is not old enough yet for these activities, you can secure an in room sitter. I have heard the Kindercare or the Fairy Godmothers have good reputations. The Fairy Godmothers will even take your child to the park, or dinner if you pay there admission, or for their dinner.
There really are a lot of options for you to get away with DH for some alone time. I think the hardest part is deciding on which on to pick :D You can check this site under Kids activities or Child care for more info. Call 1 (407) WDW-DINE for reservations. They do require a credit card number to secure your reservation, and they also have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
Whatever you decide, have a Tiggerific time

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We just returned 2 weekds ago and I had signed both my kids up for the cruise & the tea party. Unfortunatly, the pirate cuise was rained out(so we had the character b-fast with Alice, Mary Poppins and the gang at 1900 Pare Fare)but they did go to the tea party and they had a blast. They can give you a beeper if you want one. We took one just in case. Its very safe and the kids dont want to leave!
I believe the age limits for the tea party, the pirate cruise, and the cooking class are 3-10. When my three grandchildren did the cooking class in December, even the two-year-old got to take part. Of course, he was potty trained and his three-year-old and eight-year-old cousins went with him, so that might have made a difference. They all three had fun, though, and are looking forward to the pirate cruise in the fall.

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