Wonder day 3 Castaway Cay

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    Aug 24, 2000
    After coffee in the room we headed down to deck 1 about 8:15am and the doors opened to the island exactly 8:30. We grabbed some towels and jumped on the first tram to the beach. We found a nice spot at the end of the family beach with an umbrella, palm tree and some lounge chairs. This was a perfect spot as it was away from the chaos from the rest of the family beach. We prerented snorkle equipment and floats the day before so we walked right up without having to wait in line. We had the best weather this day out of all the days of our trip. After some snorkling and swimming we grabbed some grub at Cookie's BBQ. The food was much better than I expected. The burgers were huge, chicken was moist and juicy and there were no lines when we ate lunch at about noon. We did some shopping and somemore swimming before calling it a day at the beach. We headed back to the ship and the kids went to there clubs again. Went up to the pool area and listened to the band before it was time to get ready for dinner. Both kids made it to dinner tonight as we ate at Animator's Palate. The show was great and the kids really loved it. After dinner we saw the Voyage Of The Ghost Ship and I enjoyed it more this trip than I did the last, I really don't know why but I just did. After the show we wondered the ship, shopped and took my godson to meet some characters. We called it a night after spending some time watching the stars and hunting for godzilla in the dark water with my godson. Just to let you know I never did see godzilla but my godson saw it quite a few time.

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