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Nov 3, 2002
Hello, it's me again!!!

I'm kinda freakin' out 'cause I don't know what to do. We are currently booked for 4 nights at the WDW Swan ($129+tax Nurse Rate). I, for some reason, am having doubts about staying there though. (I've never stayed on Disney Property at all...) I think we could prolly get a standard room at Wilderness Lodge for about the same price with a discount code, my question is: what should I do??

I have heard that the Swan location cannot be beat and that the pool is great too, as well as flawless transporation. Being able to walk to Epcot will be handy as we will visit Epcot for a day, and will prolly go there for the evening after Animal Kingdom closes. Still, there's something in the back of my mind that says we won't be happy at the Swan.

Wilderness Lodge, from what I told, also has a great location... if you're into the Magic Kingdom. Hate to say it, but we'll spend a day there, and that'll be it. Period. (I'm 17, and moast of the stuff there doesn't appeal to me... but get me into Epcot and AK and then we'll talk!!)

I just don't know what to do. HELP ME!!!

Jeff Walker

P.S. Am I even right in thinking I could get a room at WL for a comparable rate?
Stay at the Swan!! You will be very happy there! It's a beautiful resort, and you can't beat the location! We love to be able to walk to Epcot, and to the Boardwalk for evening entertainment!

And, you're right about the rate - you probably won't get the WL for $129, unless it's a really slow time of year and you get lucky with a discount.

If you are planning on spending most of your time at Epcot, then definitely stay with the Swan! :)
For our upcoming trip in just a few weeks we were supposed to be staying at the Swan, but we had to move our trip up a week, and they are booked for a big IBM convention and could only give us 2 of the 6 nights we needed. :( Major bummer for me, because I love the Swan and it's location. Our favorite park is Epcot, and it's basically at the Swan and Dolphin's back door!

If Epcot is your park, the Swan (or Dolphin) is the resort for you!

If you're lucky, you'll get a recently renovated room with a Heavenly bed!

We got an excellent rate at the Wilderness Lodge using a code found on mousesavers for $119 per night! Unless they are running the codes again, I doubt you'll be able to get it for that low a rate.

The Swan is an excellent deal for $129 a night. I'd grab it! I don't think you'll be sorry!
I'm LOL because I'm having the same delemma. I have both Swan and WL booked for the same week. WL is about $20 more a night, but it has bunk beds (sons are 4 and 7) which will be a hit. It also looks like DH and I might be able to sit in some chairs/nooks near our room after the kids go to bed (with the trusty baby monitor). We spend a lot of time at both MK and Epcot, so each resort has it's plusses. Swan looks beautiful, and I know we will appreciate being close to our hotel when we leave Epcot at the end of the day. I'm thinking we'll split our stay.
do you have kids - we had a reservation for the swan this past fall - and we stayed there one night and then got out - it was horrible - and the swan staff didn't help us any -

first - the room was at the end of the construction - which meant that it was not an updated room - the refrigerator leaked - and they told us that it was because we left the door open - but we hadn't even been in the room - also - there was mold on the bedspread - we asked for a new one - and that had a big piece of food on it -

then we tried to get some milk for the kids - our kids are 10 & 12 and could have had a can of soda - but @ $2 a can for in room dining & no soda machines - we wanted to get them milk - well being in the swan we had to go to the dolphin to get any type of snack - we couldn't even get a plain bagel - we had to order a meal for that -

we stayed the night - but the next day got a transfer to port orleans - and had a great stay -

we had stayed at the wl a couple of times before - but they were sold out -

i'd recommend going to the wl - because unless you're company is paying for the food & beverages - it's extremely expensive and inconvienent if you want to stay around the site (if you want to do all of your dining at the boardwalk or epcot it may be okay - but the wl has a 24 hr coffee shop which is great for simple foods like burgers and fries


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