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    Sep 19, 1999
    Let's Start some wishful thinking.
    Since the Universal end of it is on the other side of the pond, even though it is profitable, maybe this entity will have to go to new owners. Now, it's time for a little fun with supposing or fantasizing about new Universal Owners since Vivendi is probably going to dump whatever it takes to balance their debts, if that's possible.
    Many have always wanted to see some sort of challenge to WDW and have always enjoyed seeing any type of partnership of Central Florida Attractions to faceoff against the "onsite" monopoly. When the Flex ticket that included Sea World Universal and Busch Gardens came along it was a welcomed compliment to an Orlando visit for those who had already done the Mouse adnauseum on previous vacations. It offered variety and value.
    What if...
    1) Busch Entertainment gobbles it up and becomes that REAL competition to WDW in the theme park world.
    2) According to Screamscape.com they quote the NYPOST as saying "the NYPOST posted a piece where it mentioned that Speilberg and Dreamworks may be looking to team up with someone to run their own theme parks. Spielberg is already heavily connected with Universal... so perhaps Vivendi could spinoff their Entertainment side of the company into a merger/partnership with Spielberg’s Dreamworks."
    As and total entertainment venture this seems more likely than the Busch option, but not as attractive to locals who would love to see an Annual Pass including Universal, IOA, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Wet N Wild, and Adventure Island.
    3) Barry Diller may make a run for ownership of the Universal package in some sort of management buyout.
    Hmm, not as exciting as either of the first two and probably would not have as deep of pockets as them either. Meanwhile he is saying to all that Universal(all aspects) will run like "business as usual", but you can probably suppose that any big ticket expansion(Lockheed Property), rides(Mummy indoor coaster, Jurrasic whatever), or new resorts will be pushed forward until resolution of any new owner.
    Anyone have any speculation???


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