Will They Be Bored?


Feb 1, 2001
Hi to ALL!
Here's my dilemma...I will be going to fl. in May and am taking children of various ages (3,4,8,9,9). We were at USF about 5 yrs ago when our DD was 4 and she enjoyed it. I have read a lot of posts suggesting that you really need to be older to enjoy the Universal parks. My question: Will the 3 and 4 yr olds enjoy these parks? I want to be fair to the older kids and not just go to MK. Give me your opinion!
Just back with 4,7&10 yr. old. We spent a day at USF&IOA. They all went on everything. My 4yr wouldn't go on MIB but not really sure why, I think he was just having a moment so we did child swap. He did Twister, Jaws etc. no problems.

Both these parks have kid ares with water play areas where all the kids could cool off in the afternoon.
One more thing...are there many height regulations? I love the Disney board where you just enter their height and age and it tells you all of the info!

Here are the height requirements for the parks:

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