Will poncho Help on Popeye raft ride


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Feb 10, 2000
OK, I read all the other posts about why wear a poncho on a water ride, but if its 65 degrees outside, it's easier to carry a poncho (and cheaper) then so rent a locker and go to the hassle of changing. That being said, if you put up the hood and take off your shoes, can you stay kinda dry? What about the other water rides.
Frankly, I don't believe a poncho is enough for Popeye. I remember leaving that ride soaked to the bone from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! People were literally taking off their clothes wringing their clothes out after the ride!


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We wore ponchos every time we rode this ride. Also for Jurassic park and Dudley Do right. We made sure we tucked them under us and managed to stay fairly dry. We will definitely wear them next time.

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It definitely won't help!! Sorry, if your heart is set on it do it last and bring a change of clothes!

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We wore ponchos on our top halves and large garbage bags on our bottoms halves - and we stayed mostly dry. The garbage bags really helped. Forget about vanity on the ride - no one looks cool wearing a poncho and a garbage bag. But no one looks cool soaking wet either.
No11Mom is right! It works really well! Suggestion: Bring a pancho with you. Dollar Tree's and Walmart generally have .50 each compared to $7-12. They are garbage bag thin, and you just toss them when done. Use 2 and you will stay somewhat dry. I rode Ripsaw falls and Popeye 6xs in a row in early January in about 40s and was only slightly damp getting off. (We were the only ones riding...)

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My son and I wore ponchos. I came out pretty dry. He came out soaked.
All of the water went in the neck hole! Of course he blamed me! Everythings always Mom's fault!
We had ponchos with hoods. I think we paid 99 cents for them at Wal-Mart. Nothing is worse than wet hair at a theme park.
When I first rode Popeye in 99 it took 2 days before my trainers dried. I didn`t make that mistake in 2000, I removed them before I went on and took a change of clothes.
Call me crazy, but personally I think if you don't want to get wet, maybe you shouldn't go on the water rides ;)
If you wear windpants, or shorts made from the same material, a light weight t-shirt and the slipover hooded nylon jacket you stay completely dry. The water rolls right off, and you move on to the next ride. It is great.


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