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May 4, 2001
We will be coming "home" for the first time at the VWL and am wondering if you can get WL concierge with points, pay extra for cash, really just interested in being able to go in for snacks, soda, water ect. We were one of the lucky ones the got Polynesian concierge this past Dec. for no extra points, and loved the Concierge lounge!!
The villas have no concierge service and it is not available except to those staying in concierge rooms at the lodge itself.
I am positive that you can not stay at the WL on points. Disney removed WL from the DIsney Collection once WLV opened. We have already been informed that the BC will also be removed from the Disney Collection once the BCV opens for DVC sales.
Well that stinks... It'd be nice to sell concierge priveleges seperately to DVC members.
IMHO, with DVC why would you need it? That extra $150+ per day buys an awful lot of food for your fridge! I know, I know, there are other service-related things that they do, but for most of it all you have to do is walk over to Guest Relations (the "public" concierge) and ask.

Just my 2 cents...
MOTEL 6 in downtown Orlando is soon scheduled to add a level of concierge service..............for those guests who MUST have it:) :) :) ..............
I agree with you ORKY15 that it stinks!! For those of us who might use it there should be an option. We are staying in the Studio rooms and can't have alot of food and the cost at the Polynesian was only 45.00 to 50.00 a day more is you paid for it. So I think we saved money with the food part of it otherwise we did not use the other concierge services either. We just liked the food convience thats all. Oh well.

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