Wide World of Sports NFL Experience?


Jul 30, 2000
Anybody ever to go the NFL Experience at the Wide World of Sports? I've never seen anything about that on this site but have read about it in tour books. I have a DS who will have just turned 8 when we visit Disney in June....he lives in a football dream world in his own head, and I think he'd love this, but I'm interested in others' experiences. We also have a DD who will have just turned 4 and another DS who will be 21 months...anything for them to do in that area, or should I just have my husband take the 8yo?

hi, I just asked that question yesterday on the park attraction board. If you do a NFL search, a few topics will come up. My DS is 9 and loves football too. I think my DH and DS are going to do this the morning the girls and I go to Cinderella's breakfast and then meet up with us later. The feedback I got was it is fun if you like football, that it is the main "attraction" at WWofSPORTSl My husband thought it sounded thought it would be more of his "thing" than breakfast with princesses!
We were there in march. My sons are ages 6 and 9. There is an area to the left when you walk in for younger kids that use nerf type balls for kicking and passing.Then with a real football outside is a threw at the target. The target is a lifesize cutout of a real NFL reciever. Next is a long snap area for hiking the ball.Then a punt return for time. Our sons had fun BUT we were there right as it opened. It is not like other Disney run places.There is very little control. We had to wait as some 30ish guy lived out his high school fantasy. He threw atleast 50 passes. The lines can build up fast. On the other side is a full size goal post to try field goals and a timed obsticle course. We had fun,snapped some pictures and got out. The only other thing to do at Wide World is walk around unless there is an event in the field house or baseball diamond. The grounds are great and it could make for a great afternoon break. The All Star Cafe is there for a great sports meal but nothing else really. The large sign at the entrance makes a great picture spot.We saw the Atlanta Braves play the St Louis Cards that was fun.



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