Why hasn't HRH credited my credit card?

Spaceman Spiff

one by one, cleaning the universal boards of riff-
Apr 6, 2000
Ok heres my story...

I called Universal and made reservations for HRH around Feb. 12th. After asking around I realized that I was not getting any kind of deal so I called Loews Hotel around the 15th and cancelled my ressies at HRH and switched for PBH. I have been checking my statement on-line daily to see if my card has been charged for PBH but has yet to be. Also my card was charged for half the stay at HRH and has yet to be credited back, it is nearing two weeks since then and nothing has happened. Should I contact HRH and find out what is going on or give them a little while longer?


Of the three times I've stayed at PBH, my credit card was only charged once for one nights deposit. The other times it was on my bill at check-out. Also when I've cancelled a hotel, it has taken up to two months to be credited on my statement. You might want to call for peace of mind. Also, were you given a cancellation number? Good luck.


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