Who uses AAA Trip tixs?


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Jan 12, 2000
My Dad just got one for me. It's a totally different route then what I was going to go. Anyone with experience with this? Anyone with tips for driving from WI???
My dh is the driver of the family, but it seems to me from WI to FL we take I94 to I65 to I75 to I4. If your trip tik isn't something similar to this route something is wrong, because we always get trip tiks before we go. Occassionally they differ slightly but not too much. Make sure you go through Chicago at an off time traffic is atrocious! Good luck!
A well prepared TripTiX route will take into consideration new construction and rush hour traffic you might encounter en route. MapQuest will often produce a different route but not necessarily a faster trip.

Bill From PA
I have been a AAA member for 30 years. Before that, my parents. We always have used trip tiks. In that 30 yrs I have used a trip tik at least once a year. Only once have I had a major problem, and due to that problem I got two years membership for free. The only change I have seen is that the Trip Tiks are done at the main office instead of your local store. For Example, I now get my Trip Tiks sent from Chicago rather than Fort Wayne. A little less personal. You can also order them from www.aaa.com.

It seems they have a priority for routing on interstates, then U.S. Highways etc.
regardless of other factors. And, they'll do this even if there is a shorter route that
may be 4 lane controlled access - even if its not controlled access (U.S. 287
Ft. Worth to Amarillo comes to mind) if I can have a reasonable assurance I
can go at speed (4 lanes or at least passing lanes) and avoid major metros I'll do it
over the default routing

Having said that, I find the trip tic very useful for seeing whats in the
vicinity and down the road
(especially rest areas when traveling with the kids), exit numbers etc. Just tell
them the route you prefer and they'll route you that way......Greg
You can also got to the AAA web site and access trip tiks online. You can print them out and not have to got o the local office and pick them up. My sister used them and was very happy with it.
Our trip tix haven't been very accurate for construction the last couple of years. The very same construction HAS NOT been on the trip tix. I don't find them that helpful anymore for construction, sadly, but I still order them. I did notice the AAA website had the construction posted on there, but not the actual trip tix. Weird.

For a very accurate mileage/time, check www.freetrip.com

I've promoted them so much on here, they should pay me ;) I ended up putting their info on a spreadsheet with my actual starting time. Then I knew exactly what time I should be where to make it on time. They offer other valuable info as well (including fuel prices). Check it out.


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