Who owns/manages the EPCOT restaurants?

Pam Lau

Oct 7, 2001
On our last trip to WDW we dined at Mitsukoshi's Japanese Steakhouse in EPCOT. Our waitress's name was Mitsuko and she was a bit older than the typical waitress and you kind of got the impression that she normally did not waitress but was filling in because it was busy and she felt the need to help out. Also as we were leaving there was an older gentlemen who appeared to be the owner/manager who took a liking to my 10 year old son and made an Origami Frog that he could make jump. I could not help but wonder if this gentleman and our waitress were not the owners of the restaurant. If he was not the owner, he certainly did his best to make us feel welcome to return.
Disney owns and operates the restaurants, so likely the people you encountered are upper restaurant management.
My understanding is that some of the Epcot restaurants are operated by external entities, not Disney. Specifically, I remember that Chef de France isn't a Disney restaurant (though, of course, the property and assets are owned by Disney, the accounting systems are provided by Disney, etc., so it all looks like it's Disney's -- and it all is except the profits. I believe Disney gets rent plus a cut.)
The last two replies sound a little contradictory, please keep sending feedback so I can come to a concensus.
Well, I refer you to Deb Will's website:


"Chefs de France - The menu features the creations of its three famous owner-chefs: Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenotre and Roger Verge..."
Here's another. Evidently the restaurant in Italy is owned externally, by a company that owns restaurants around the country:


"The restaurant opened in New York and was an instant success, making Fettuccine Alfredo a household name in America.
Since then, Alfredo restaurants have opened with great success in Epcot at Walt Disney World, Miami, and now in Boca Raton. The restaurants outside Italy are owned and operated by Mr. Bellanca and his sons."
Those are the only ones that I was sure were externally owned. I'm pretty sure that Biergarten, Rose & Crown, Akershus, and the Mexican restaurant are Disney-owned (as are most of the counter-service restaurants). Le Cellier I'm not sure about, at all. Nor Marrakesh -- who knows how much of the stuff there is owned by the Sultan? I suspect the Fish & Chips place has some external connection.
I suspect the Fish & Chips place has some external connection.

Yeah, I think your probably right there. Harry Ramsden's is a chain here in the UK.

Ona ;)
I don't know if San Angel is Disney operated or not, but I have assumed it wasn't ever since I read that the same management group that operated Maya Grill also operated San Angel. Again, I may have read too much into that.
I remember reading that as well, now, and I think that leads to the opposite conclusion: That both are externally operated.
As far as I know diseny operates Germany, Norway, UK, Canada,American Adventure.

Outside operators are China, Japan, France, Itlay, Morocco, Mexico


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