Who is staying Onsite, and Which Resort?


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May 19, 2000
Just wondering who will be staying where? Our group will be at the ASMo. Hopefully I'll get to be in Toy Story. Wonder if we get to make a bldg request? Gerri

BC/YC for us... who's next???

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YC for our family of 4 and my mother. :)


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Were else?

We should rent our own bus for the convention.


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Y&B Club! :)

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DH and I will be at PO Riverside. I'm so excited, as we just made this decision to go two days ago. We're going with the kids, 15, 20, & 21 Oct 26-Nov 4, and staying at the Swan, so didn't think we could swing another trip, but since we'll be buying AP's for the Oct trip, and since Pete got such great prices, we couldn't pass it up. My DH and I decided it will be our Christmas and Anniversary (Jan 15) presents to ourselves. Looking forward to meeting everyone. :D

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Staying at YC/BC. Don't really have a preference for either resort, just so I'm staying where convention headquarters is and where the rest of you are staying. :)ü

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Tink 29 and I will be at Y and B!! Can't wait!!


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then a Timeshare (don't know which, but HOPING for one of the Disney ones) for the week following.

Yea! We should have our own Disney bus to get to/from the Convention activities! Otherwise, all of us not at YC/BC will have to leave an hour early to get there on time. :rolleyes: :D

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Go ahead, send a message to flydian@go.com. I'm not afraid anymore.
Well we just made the decision to go and I think we will be staying at All Star Movies. I can't rationalize spending too much money on this trip but I do want to stay onsite so ASMo it is for us! :)


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Beach Club for the convention, then a 4 day cruise and then AKL for 4 days. I can hardly wait.


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DH and I will be at the Yacht & Beach club :)


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I'll also be at the Dolphin from 11/27-12/3.


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