Who has bought their tickets online?


Aug 28, 2001
Hi everyone,
My question is who has bought their tickets online using either
Ticketmania or Paramount? Are they ligit?
we bought Universal tickets from Ticketmania and had no problems using them
We ordered PH's from them and received them within 6 days.Our friends ordered their PH's and because of a confussion with their address they had their PH's delivered to their hotel.We received exceptional service from Ticket Mania and would not hesitate to do bussiness with them again.
I've done business with Ticketmania on a few occasions and I've gotten my tickets in a timely manner, and they were perfectly legitimate tickets.

The only time my tickets took longer than 6 days to come in was the ones I just bought. But only because I ordered them on the 24th, so obviously, Christmas and New Year's put a delay on them.
We used ticketmania this year and had tickets delivered to our off site hotel. They were there waiting for us when we arrived. (We got a priceline hotel for our first night in Orlando, before checking into CBR). They called and confirmed our travel plans, and emailed as well. We will definately use them again. Ren
We've ordered both 5 Day and 7 Day PHP from Ticketmania and had no problem. They run some great specials every once in awhile. ~:D~
We have bought Flex Tickets from Ticket Mania for this coming June. We have read many many reports where people have bought tickets from Ticket Mania without a problem and their prices are certainly a lot lower than what you can get through agents in the UK.
We bought tickets from Connections. They had the cheapest prices. Arrived in 2 or 3 days.
I've purchased tickets from both Ticketmania and Paramount. Both are "legit" and both provided me with good service. The tickets were used with absolutely no problems. I would not hesitate to use either again.
Thanks everyone for your timely replys.
Paramount is running a special right now with a 7 day
PHP you get a character breakfast with it. I was wondering
if anyone knows any info on how this works. Do you get some
kind of certificate of something that you present at the
character breakfast or something?
We purchased 7 day park-hoppers from Paramount for our trip in early December (6-15). It came with the vouchers (breakfast) that you mentioned. These are a very nice feature. They are very official looking just like you would receive directly from Disney. It lists on the back of the voucher all the restaurants that accept the vouchers. It explains that if you go to a place like Kona Cafe, ie. non-buffet, what you get --- glass of juice, milk, entree, some kind of pastry or cereal, etc. We used ours for a Character Breakfast at Donalds Breakfastsaurus, I wanted to go to 1900 Park Fair at the GF because their food is wonderful but the spouse doesn't think that the GF's characters are all that great. I actually got an admission after our meal at DB that the food was much better at 1900 compared to Donalds. The kids had a good time but they would have been fine at 1900, too. I digressed on you. Our vouchers had an expiration of May 31, 2003 on the back so you would need check if that works for your trip....you could always ask them what dates they are using these days. The server/cm took our vouchers just like they were cash....no problem. We might need to look into this because we are now thinking about going down next November....wish we had planned better and we could have purchased APs for our December trip but then I wouldn't have been able to answer your question. Hope I did, answer it that is, if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask away. Hope this helps.
What is the address for paramount's website? When I do a search all I come up w/ are sites for paramount amusement parks. Thanks
Can someone please give me a link to paramounts website? Thanks in advance!:D


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