Who delivers to Disney hotels?


Sep 23, 2003
Hi! Looking to save a little $ by eating a few meals in our room/no rental car to eat out. Might also be nice down time for the family (DH can take the kids to the pool while we wait for delivery). We'll be there 9 full days, so no need to blast our way through the parks from dawn to dusk.

Who besides the pizza places will deliver to resorts (we're staying at SOG if they're open!)?
I'm interested to see the replies as well. We will be staying at SOG in May. I have been to SOG 10 years ago (yikes!) and the food at the resort was very tasty and extremely reasonable.
I know you are looking for other than pizza, but ....We have had Pizza Hut del to us several times. We even used coupons and gift certificates without any problem. We call from the room, they call us back in the room when they are 10min away and we meet them in the lobby. (actually we have always met them outside cause I like sitting outside).

Sorry I don't have any other experiences with delivery.
One real problem at SoG, even if you find a place that will deliver, is that it is inside the main toll booth. Unless a person has an ID showing them to be a CM, has an AP, or a parking sticker from one of the Disney Resorts they will have to pay $7.00 to get into the area.

I am not sure what the dining options will be at SoG since it has been rebuilt. They used to have a fairly decent restaurant. In addition, they do have "Evergreen's" which is out near to pool and close to the golf courses. They have what may be the best hamburgers on property.

Don't forget that at the Disney Resorts the portions are very large. Often my wife and I will split a meal at the sit-down restaurants; they will often do the splitting for you in the kitchen. I know that at the Kona Cafe in the Poly many of the appetizers are sufficiant for a meal.
Thanks for the replies so far. The $7 fee might be a big hinderance. Too bad they don't waive delivery people through.
I just checked with my Disney expert in Florida (former CM- still very involved with the place). He confirmed that local restaurants are permitted to deliver to the Disney hotels and do not have to pay at the tollbooth.

So, any area restaurant that delivers can bring you food. One that comes to mind is Flippers. That is an Italian place in Old Town. They have great pizza, but also have hot and cold sandwiches and various platters (pasta, chicken, etc.).

Giordano's may deliver also but I'm not positive.

That's odd that they don't charge the $7 to delivery drivers, since I know they charge the towncar drivers when the drop you off at one of the MK resorts. I agree they should not be charged. Maybe a 30 min pass would work.


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