whispering canyon and others?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Dopey's Girl, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Dopey's Girl

    Dopey's Girl Mouseketeer

    Apr 22, 2004
    Can I get some input on dining at Whispering Canyon? (and some other fun spots) I keep seeing posts about how much fun it is...what makes it so much fun? I have a DS 6 and DS 2 (almost 3). My DH and I are going for 7 days and so far have the following PSs:
    Ice Cream Social - Epcot
    Crystal Palace dinner - MK
    Chef Mickeys breakfast - Contemporary
    Ohana dinner - Polynesian
    This is my younger ones first BIG trip to the World...don't want to overdo, but want to have plenty of FUN FUN FUN too! What do you think of the plans so far?
  2. BrotherBear

    BrotherBear Mouseketeer

    May 18, 2003
    Whispering Canyon is very fun because the CM interact with you and your kids alot. There is a "horse race" with wooden horse sticks for the kids. The wait area has tinker toys on a table to play with (if you have to wait)

    Ohana dinner - Polynesian This is a great restaurant too!! My only tip would be that your youngest might not like the food, but don't fret...you can order chicken strips or Mac-n-cheese although it is not on the menu. Just talk to your server. The Poly is really fun to walk around after dinner. Go out to the boat docks and down the beach area. You can see Wishes and the castle in its changing colors if you time it right.

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  4. JESW

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    Sep 21, 2000
    What about the sci fi in MGM? We just went for the second time and our kids (DD5 & DS9) really like the bad old movies they play.

  5. wannabee princess

    wannabee princess DIS Veteran

    Jan 31, 2003
    We really enjoyed Whispering Canyon in Dec. The kids can (but they are not "made to") participate in a parade around the restaurant, riding stick horses. They each get a certificate for completing the parade. It is a "down-home" kind of place where the CMs act like you are family. Just nice interaction - also they refer to GF as the Red Roof Inn :eek: It just was fun and light-hearted.

    I think it is a good choice for dinner, and may be a good choice after you have all the other character meals.
  6. Dopey's Girl

    Dopey's Girl Mouseketeer

    Apr 22, 2004
    OK, I'm thinking more about Whispering Canyon now...Is all the fun at dinner only or do they "whoop it up" at lunches too?
  7. JKanownik

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    May 1, 2003
    You have picked some great places to eat. We don't have children, but if two adults can have a good time, I know your children will. Here is a list of our experiences:

    DH and I had dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe last year. The food was tasty and the service was excellent. It has a great atmosphere and don't forget to ask for the ketchup!

    We have not done the ice cream social at the Garden Grill, but we had lunch there last year. The food is excellent and we had a blast doing the Rehitchin' Ceremony.

    We had dinner at the Crystal Palace last year for our anniversary. There was pixie dust sprinkled on our table and we had a lovely view of the castle. The characters are Pooh and friends. The buffet had a wide variety of food and it was delicious. One of my favorite places to eat.

    Chef Mickey's is a good place to try once, but we probably wont be going back until we have kids. In my opinion, it is too crowded and louder than any of the other character meals we have done. We have had much nicer experiences at Cape May Cafe (Beach Club), Crystal Palace, O'hana, 1900 Park Fare. The food is average and service is slow. It took quite some time for all the characters to make their way around to our table.

    We have never done dinner at O'hana, but the character breakfast was really fun and character interaction was great.

    Have fun with your planning and have a great trip!:sunny:
  8. lissawynn

    lissawynn I drink Coke with everything.<br><font color="deep

    Dec 17, 2002
    We spent our honeymoon at WL in 2002. We had a spur of the moment dinner there due to heavy rain and the desire not to get poured on.
    I think it was one of the best meals of that trip and the place was great. The family who was seated next to us was very surprised we were eating there as we were honeymooning.
    The CMs did a great job of entertaining the guests with the horse races, the ketchup gag, etc.
    The food was delicious. DH had blackened catfish and I had the veggie pasta. Our meal was excellent and the experience was great.

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