Which transportation from airport to HRH ?



We are arriving around 9 a.m. on a Sunday and do not want to rent a car. What are options to get to HRH ? Which is least expensive. We are two adults and 1 BIG 17 yr. old. !! Thanks for any help. chrissy
I always use them to go to WDW, and plan to use them again when I go to HRH in October. It's the shuttle service inside the airport. There are signs directing you to it....you buy your tickets right there. A van takes you right to the front door of the hotel.

It was $25 one-way in December for 2 adults.
Use the limo service, there are two good one out of the airport. cant remember the name of either, last time i was there it was 60 bucks (not including tips)round trip and they stop at a store to get whatever you need if you ask them. cheaper than mears for three people round trip and much better than loading in a mears van . they wait for you with the sign and you go right to your hotel. really the only way to go. first class and cheaper than mears.
I also used Tiffany. For just 3people, it may be a bit more pricey, but to me it would be worth it! I've used Mears shuttle twice, and just tried Tiffany 2 weeks ago for the first time. Would definitely use them again! Tiffany service was excellent, stopped at a grocery store, and went directly to HRH from there. They have website: www.tiffanytowncar.com. There's also a $5.00 coupon to print off the site.
Patti and OHISEE, Do you recall about how long it took the Tiffany transportation to get to HRH? We also would like to hit a 7/ 11 to get some milk/soda. Should I arrange for it BEFORE we leave home, or just go to their stand when we arrive at the airport. Do you remember the aprox. cost for three/ roundtrip ? Thanks chrissy
i have not been down for 2 years and when i used them last i went to the beach club at disney. i think it took about 30 or 40 minutes to get there. we stoped at a supermarket, bought a 3 dollar large throw away cooler, snacks/ceral/milk for the kids and plenty of hooch for me, wine coolers for the wife and pop for the kids. kept the cooler full of ice from the hotel for the entire week. much cheaper than the in room fridge. two years ago it was about 60 bucks for the whole limo round trip, not by the person. i tipped alot cause the drivers were nice and i enjoyed the limo much more then being loaded into the mears bus. call ahead for a reservation and they will be waiting for you, dont try to find them when you get there. they carry your bags right to the limo on the curb, no waiting at all have fun
Hi Miss Chris,
It took us about 1/2 hour to get from airport to HRH, that's with the grocery stop, I was quick in and out. Driver loaded up my soda & stuff.
Yes, when you call to make reservation, you should request a "grocery stop".
Tiffany will be waiting for you at your luggage pick-up. The towncar was parked right outside the door at luggage area. Our driver helped my husband w/bags, and loaded all into towncar. He was very courteous, asking was the air conditioning good, what music did we want to listen to, etc. Very pleasant guy, Daniel.
We also used them (again had same driver, Daniel) for ride back to airport. That trip took about 15 minutes. Tiffany will ask you what time your flight is, and tell you when they will be at your hotel to pick you up.
Total cost was $75.00 plus tip. We paid for round-trip at drop-off at HRH day one. My husband tipped driver $20.00 at that time.
I would use Tiffany again! :)
Thanks for all the suggestions about limo etc. Patti, or others, do you remember which store you stopped at so I can request it. It always helps when you "know" what you are doing. We just need sodas, milk and some bread ( for ds pbj sandwiches at night!!) Thanks for all your help Chrissy
Hi Chrissy,
Sorry, I don't recall the name of the grocery store we stopped at. It was a large store, I'm assuming a chain that I was unfamiliar with.


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