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Jan 31, 2002
We were wondering if it's better to eat dinner at the late seating and go to the 6:30 nightly show or should we eat dinner at 6:30 and go to the 8:30 show?
We went to both shows on this past cruise - none seemed any worse than the other. Plenty of seats around.
How early should we get in line for a show, I know on other cruise lines you would show up 1/2 hour before the show started and the good seats were already gone.
maybe it was the crowd on board but we never got their more than 10 minutes early and had no problems.
Just got back from the 4 day Wonder and I wanted to tell you that for Disney Dreams go to the matinee! It wasn't crowded at all..... we were able to sit 3rd row center and the show was FANTASTIC!!
As far as having "bad seats" there really are none. I have sat in several different place in the WD Theatre and all the seats have excellent views. The design of the room makes it that way.

I, too have been on other cruises where there were seats that were "bad"....not on DCL!

We were on the 4-day Wonder New Year's Eve cruise which was totally booked. We always got to the show about 10 minutes before it started and always got a seat (we had late dinner so we were at the early show). We actually liked sitting in the back. There are no bad seats and we were ready for a quick get away when the show was over to go to the gift shop, which is right near the theater.



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