Which hotel? HRH or PB?

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Feb 3, 2000
For this family which hotel would you pick? Grandma& Grandpa, Mom, Dad, kids 13,9,2. Old folks in their early 50's LOL! and Mom&Dad 30's. Thanks!
I think Poritifino Bay may be better for the older members of your party.


Barry Hom
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Husband and I both in our early 50's, can't wait to get to HRH with the grandkids in August. Love music, always have the radio on and CD's playing! I guess it all depends on your mental age, not numbers. Also think the HRH will be more laid back and relaxed.
I agree- my mum is 67 and cannot wait until she goes to HRH. She once made me stand in a line for almost 2 hours to get into the Hard Rock In San Francisco!

Maybe wait until the first trip reports on Hard Rock are in? That way you can compare and decide what looks best for the whole family. Either way you cant go wrong. They both look great! Maybe Portofino will be a bit more quiet though. What month will you be there?

the official older members of the March meet party!!

All I can say, is watch out HRH when those of us of a certain age get there. ;)

I would suggest checking with your parents. I am the same age and definitely think the HRH is more my style. It is definitely based on our memories. :D
I stayed that PBH in July and will be staying at the HRH in a few weeks, but I think the big thing I'll like about the HRH is the shorter walk to the park. Several times during our two day stay in July we just walked because the line for the boats was so long at the hotel or the park, and walking to the HRH should be a little shorter.

The rooms look about the same judging from the photos I've seen of the HRH rooms ...

I don't know about the pool at the HRH compared to the Beach Pool at the PBH ...

Hi Beckles!
I see that we are "neighbors"! We are from Winston Salem! Please post a trip report about the HRH. We are going in March and would love a "sneak peek"!
HRH is virtually at Universal Studios' back. The walk is about 5 minutes, although there is a dock for the water taxi. The walk to the Portifino is about 15 minutes. The walk is along a pleasant and clean path.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to answer. I think we will definitely stay ay HRH after reading some of the trip reports about PB. I know once in awhile someone has a bad experience everywhere, but I'd hate to pay that price for a bad experience!
I don't know what month we will be going yet and I know that I need to get my ressies in if it's like DW, but there is a member of the family in ill health so we are holding off on any plans. It probably won't be until Aug. or even later if the grandkids can miss school. We hate that Florida heat in the summer months! We are the grandparents and I know that I won't mind seeing some of those weirdos at the HRH, LOL, but I'm not so sure about my husband! Anyway the trip will be wonderful just being with our grandchildren!


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