Which Disney children's activity center would you recommend


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Oct 10, 2002
Hello. I will be taking my 5 year old daughter in October to Disney World. I am trying to find out information about the different children's activity centers, i.e. cub's den. Which one would you recommend and why? thanks.
We had our children go to the Sandcastle Club at BC based on recommendations from this board. We stayed at BWI but the club at BC was larger and had more activities. The CMs were friendly and attentive. My children (ages 6 and 9) enjoyed a night off their feet. The kids meal dinners were good. A friend of mine recently had her 3 kids in the Harbor Club at BWI and thought it was just fine. Her kids enjoyed their time there.

This may not be real helpful to you due to the length of time that has passed.... but we had a such a good experience, I just felt I should share it with you. Our DS will be turning 16 next month, but when he was 4 we took him to the NEVERLAND CLUB near the Polynesian. It was great! When you sign in, you are in Wendy's Bedroom (the desk looks like her bed). Then when all the paperwork is done, the child gets sprinkled with pixie dust (shiny streamers) and enters "Neverland" through Wendy's window. From her bedroom you can see clouds (white padded pillows). They have an area that looks like skull rock...inside there are 'free' video games. There is an area where they have wide steps and pillows for the kids to watch various Disney movies (big screen). And they also have the 'kids buffet' .... Hot dogs, mac & cheese, pizza.... kid food.... My son loved it so much he asked to go back when we had him there when he was 11. So, as of 5 years ago it was still like I described. He even had a good time when he was older!
I stayed at WL with 4 yr old dd last August, she had just turned 4. She did very well at the Cub's Den there and that was her first time (only time) in a Disney kid's club. She usually has a bit of difficulty separating from me but didn't seem to have any problem with it there. She seemed to enjoy it. Everyday they have craft time around 2:30 which is a nice way to get them familar with the club.
My kids LOVED the Neverland Club, they said it was the best one they've been to so far. They have done the Harbor Club, Sandcastle Club and Neverland Club. They really are all terrific, but the Harbor Club is a bit on the small side.
What types of activities do they have that appeal to older kids, say ages 7-11 years old? Anything besides video games? What is the upper age limit? Do either of the kids' clubs cater more to one age group than another? Thanks for any information!


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