Which airport to fly into ?

Discussion in 'California & the West' started by emkat, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Hi all,

    I'm just starting to get into my trip planning......and am sooooo excited :cool1:

    There will be 3 of us, me, dh, and ds(6) Must sees are the Grand Canyon, San Diego and Disneyland before flying out of LA. We will be going late April/early May.

    My question is : which would be the best airport for flying into ? I have narrowed it to Las Vegas or Phoenix or possibly Albuquerque.

    We will be going for two weeks and would like to see some natural parks as well as the man made ones, but do not want to be in the car too much with the little one. Is Monument Valley too far/interesting enough for the drive ? or are there better places.

    Any thoughts or recommendations will be gratefully received,
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    Mar 20, 2001
    Phoenix is about a 4 hour drive to the canyon. I'm not sure about Vegas. Monument Valley is about 6 hour drive from Phoenix, but not near the Grand Canyon. I haven't made it to MV yet, but it looks incredible. However, I think it might be a bit out of your way. You could do the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest pretty easily (about 3 1/2 hours from Phoenix) and then hop across the 40 to the 89 up to the canyon. I don't know how long the drive from Albuquerque is. We actually drove across the 40 from Albuquerque to the Painted Desert last year, but I can't remember. Something makes me think it was about 4 hours. But, I don't know how many hours to MV from Albuquerque. One thing I will say for that drive - the border area from New Mexico into Arizona on the I40 is perhaps the most spectacular border between states that you will ever pass through.

    If you did fly into Phoenix, you could also go to Sedona. Its not a national park, however Oak Creek Canyon is supposed to be pretty amazing. There is a railroad (I think it is the Rio Verde) that is supposed to do a great ride through Oak Creek Canyon. I've heard from my friends who have done the Rio Verde railroad and the Grand Canyon Railroad (runs from Williams to the Canyon) that the Rio Verde tour is actually better.

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