Where to find a waterproof fanny pack for cruise?


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Aug 7, 2000
My DH and I are going on a 3 day cruise in Oct 02 and I wanted to know if anyone knew if you can buy a waterproof fanny pack. I don't like to leave my money and stuff sitting on the beach when we go parasailing and stuff. Thank you for any help. We can't wait for our trip. It will be to celebrate our 10th annv.
Have you tried a local luggage shop? I think Bentley's luggage has something that would work. Or get on line and search. I was looking for a rolling garment bag, and just typed in a search engine (yahoo) luggage. Came up with a ton of sites. Then I just typed in the search field of those sites.

Good luck !
You might also try a kayak or canoe shop. Try for a web search of Wyoming River Raiders or Sierra Trading Post.

Hope this helps.
My two cents... I bought a waterproof fanny pack...and it was not waterproof. Luckily, I had put my camera in a ziplock bag before putting it in there, or I would have been really mad. The money and cards however were all wet.

Next time, I'll be using one of the little waterproof boxes like Disney sells onboard the ship. These come in all different kinds of sizes. Look at your local sporting good store in the diving section.

Bought 2 of them for xmas presents at magellans! They have a catalog or check out magellans.com!
They have 2 sizes!:)


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