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    Feb 16, 2003
    The players: me (36), DH (37), DS#1 (11), DS #2 (8), DS #3 (3).

    Day One: We arrived early afternoon. Our room at the Swan wasn't ready yet. It was a gorgeous day so we walked over to the Yacht Club/Beach Club and tried to eat at Beaches and Cream. But with no PS, the wait was 50 minutes and there was no way any of us could wait that long. We took the boat over to the Boardwalk and had lunch at ESPN. We got right in and everyone loved their food. It was large portions and DH and I actually could have split our sandwiches. He got a Philly Cheesesteak and I got a Reuben. DS #1 got chili and fries and the other two had chicken tenders.
    Dinner: CHEF MICKEY'S...OUR FAVORITE! We had breakfast here on our last trip. This was our first dinner. We were seated in the main area. Donald was here tonight and he is DS #2's favorite character. The buffet was great. We all loved the mashed potatoes. There were a million desserts and the character interaction is PRIMO.

    Day Two: Breakfast at FRESH in the Dolphin. This was one of our favorite places to eat this trip. The breakfast buffet is delicious and very big. There are a lot of pastry type desserts that I couldn't even fit in after my huge omelet and banana pancakes. I highly recommend this restaurant. We ate breakfast here a total of 3 times. They also have a buffet lunch and during breakfast, we saw the rotisserie chickens being cooked. I'm sure the lunch is fabulous too, but we were never really at the resort during lunch time.
    Lunch: Counter service pizza at Pizza Planet in MGM. Thick crust personal sized pizzas. Your typical frozen pizza type, but it filled our hungry bellies.
    Dinner: 50'S PRIME TIME CAFE: The food was GREAT. We had a PS and thank goodness we did. People were coming in and trying to get their name on a waiting list and they were being told that there was no list. They were sold out for the night with people that had PS's...no walk in's at all. I had fried chicken, DH had BBQ pork, 2 kids had mac and cheese and 1 had chicken tenders (pretty much all he eats besides grilled cheese and pizza.) Dessert was old fashioned ice cream sundaes. Thank goodness we walk and walk and walk at Disney! Our server was "Aunt" Jan. My 8 year old definitely wanted to play the 50's game and he ended up in the corner holding a sugar packet with his forehead. My 11 year old had to set the table. The interaction was great, not overpowering or embarrassing at all.

    Day Three: The day I've been waiting for!!! Breakfast at CINDERELLA'S ROYAL TABLE in the Magic Kingdom. This is a must-do. Even if you have 3 sons! The Royal footmen were gracious and fun. The character interaction was tops and the breakfast was pretty darn good too! The potatoes and eggs are great. I was so excited to see the princesses, I'm not sure how much I ate! We had sandwiches by the pool at the Dolphin at CABANAS. The sandwiches were just OK, the service was slow--the poor servers were overwhelmed, but everyone was nice and friendly. We had a very late Dinner --takeout Chinese in the World Showcase at Epcot from LOTUS BLOSSOM. This food was OK at best, but when you have no PS, sometimes you're stuck. :)

    Day Four: We went to SeaWorld on this day and ate counter service there. But of course, FRESH for breakfast. :)
    Dinner: We got back late and exhausted and without a PS anywhere so we ordered ROOM SERVICE from the Swan which was PHENOMENAL! A tuxedoed waiter served us our dinner on a table between our beds. The grilled chicken Caesar salad I had was delicious. The bread is hot and the butter soft. My DH had a club sandwich and loved it. The youngest had a grilled cheese and the 2 older boys had cheesy fries and clam chowder and loved them.

    Day Five: Breakfast: grabbed quick bagels and muffins at TUBBIES in the Dolphin. Nothing special...just cafeteria like food. Fine breakfast on the go. Lunch: SAN ANGEL INN in Mexico in Epcot. The food was good, the server was super nice. It was a little dark and the volcano scared my son a little bit. DH and I split nachos and another dish that had a variety of things on it...I'm not a huge Mexican food expert, so I can't even name them for you. But we were able to eat here with no wait and no PS. Dinner: GULLIVER'S GRILL at the Swan. The only "thumbs down" of the whole trip. It was a buffet and we didn't love the food. There was one character there...Goofy...who never came to our table, then he was replaced by Pluto, who did come to our table. DH and I wondered if it was the same guy changing outfits..they were never there at the same time, but Pluto would disappear and then suddenly Goofy would be back. Definitely the "B" team of the characters. :p

    Day Six: RAIN, RAIN, go away! I can't remember if or what we had for breakfast. I know we went to the Magic Kingdom and were RAINED OUT. That night the kids begged for another fun and delicious room service from the Swan. DH and I split some baked stuffed shrimp and a yummy steak with baked potatoes and a salad.

    Day Seven: Breakfast at FRESH. Yum. Snacks for lunch. Dinner: 'Ohanas. This was FABULOUS. We loved the food and the atmosphere. We'll definitely do this every trip. I was actually teary eyed when they dimmed the lights at 7pm and piped in the whole actual music/commentary from Wishes! Jimminy Cricket and all! And we looked to our left and there was the castle and Wishes as if we were right there. It was very overcast, so I don't think the fireworks were as brilliant as usual, but all in all...a GREAT time.

    Day Eight: Time to go home. :mad:
    Breakfast: muffins and egg sandwiches from the BOARDWALK BAKERY. Very good...but nothing will taste good today because I'm on my way home.

    Looking forward to the next trip...still need to try Liberty Tree Tavern, Sci Fi, and Donald's Breakfast.

    I'll try to answer any questions if I can. :wave2:
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    Jun 4, 2003
    Thanks for the reviews! You ate at some of our favorites....especially Ohana's at WISHES time....PERFECT! Boardwalk Bakery was one of our favorite breakfast spots. We really wanted to have breakfast there the morning we left, but couldn't get in the door and were afraid of being late for our shuttle to the airport, so we left. :(
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    Mar 6, 2002
    Help me out with locations here. I was under the impression that ESPN and the Yacht Club were right next to each other...I guess not. Are they walkable? How far apart are they?
  5. vicb

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    Jun 8, 2001
    Sounds like we were at MK the same rainy day....:umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella:
  6. cjsmith

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    Dec 4, 2000
    Yes, they are walkable. The Epcot resorts are all around a "lake" and it will take you about 10 to maybe even15 minutes (if you walk slowly) to walk from The Yacht Club over to the Boardwalk.
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    Jan 14, 2003
    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
  8. Harambe

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    Mar 30, 2003
    Glad you enjoyed 'Ohana - and what a treat to time it right and see Wishes ( I haven't seen the whole thing yet, only part of it from the monorail!).

    I know how you feel about that last day. This past trip was the first "last day" that we actually enjoyed, for some reason!

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