Where at Port Orleans French Quarter?


Jul 18, 2001
Good Evening to all :wave:

Just booked Port Orleans French Quarter for a quick weekend in March :flower1: :flower1:

It is going to be a girls weekend - just me and my DD (17 and 20) :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

Have not been to this resort since the merge. Is French Quarter the old Port Orleans or Dixie Landings


which building would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Have a magical Disney Day!! :earboy2:
If you're a non-smoker I'd say building 5 because a bad view cannot be had...but all the buidlings are so convienent and I've read good things about most. Check out the POFQ link on the resort faq thread. Request a corner room :)

Have a great trip - sounds like fun!!
I'd say building 5. We were in room 5106 when we stayed there. It was accross from the laundry room, the jacuzzi, 30 seconds from the food court and 30 seconds from the pool. Perfect spot.

I'd also recommend Building 5. Next to the pool, near the food court and lobby, etc.
there are elevators -
we were in building 2 which was also perfect - I dont' think there is a bad building among them

we requested building 5 when we stayed there in september, but it was during Hurrican Jeanne and I believe they were moving people out of CBR (due to fear of flooding I think the CM said?) so we took what we got.

We were in building 7, 3rd floor...parking lot view. (but what does a view matter at a moderate? we kept our blinds shut anyway). It was still only a 3 minute TOPS walk to the foodcourt/pool. not bad at all...the resort is so small, and so pretty, that the walk is enjoyable.
Just stayed at POFQ in October and had a corner room in Bldg 3 - it was great. It was right next to the arcade which is in the main lobby building (also Food Court) so it was a quick walk to the food court for coffee in the AM and to the bus stops. Actually the resort is the smallest moderate so everything is pretty close in distance. I loved it there. We actually looked out at another building but the grounds are really beautiful and nicely themed. Lots of iron gates and fountains. Like someone else mentioned the view isn't that important at a moderate since you don't have a balcony to sit on. But I would suggest requesting a corner room since they have 2 windows and it makes it seem bigger even though theortically I know its not.
Just got back - stayed in building 4 - rm. 4135, corner room on first floor facing courtyard. Great location - two buildings away from the food court - about 3 minutes away.
We have stayed twice and requested building 5 both times. Great location! We love the French Quarter! Oh, someone else asked if there were elevators in the buildings and the answer is yes!

Have fun!

We had the corner room in blg 2. It faced the river and the pool. We were directly in front of the boat dock and a close walk to the food court. We also had a family of ducks that met us at our door every morning.
We just returned and stayed in building 4. Very close to the parking lot, food court, pool, everything.

Don't worry about getting a good view here because you can't keep your curtains open anyway, unless you want the world to see you. That said, none of the buildings are far from anything because the hotel (I cannot call this hotel a resort...) is not large.

The only suggestion have is to request a third floor if stairs are not a problem for you. I believe it's much quieter on the third floor. (The elevators are not always convenient...)
building 5 all the way. the closest room to the foodcourt is the corner room 5101. 5106 puts you less than 30 seconds from the food court, pool, and laundry.
We just got back. We were in building # 1. We loved the location. It was a little further away from things; so it was peaceful and quiet. Everything was still only a short distance away.

I don't think you could go wrong in any of the buildings! FQ was a great resort!

Have a great time!

Jodi :flower3:
I just got back on Saturday. We were in room 4234, which is on the second floor of building #4, a corner room BUT it's an inside corner so no extra set of windows. Location was great, close to everything. While I liked our room, I would also recommend the third floor. Much less foot traffic.

BTW, this is my favorite resort. I love all the pastel 'buildings' and the fancy 'iron' railings. :love: :disrocks:
OK, so do any of the corner rooms have "connecting" doors?

What about Building 5, wonder if there are connecting rooms there?
chrismiss56 said:
Have not been to this resort since the merge. Is French Quarter the old Port Orleans or Dixie Landings

The old Port Orleans is now Port Orleans French Quarter and Dixie Landings is now Port Orleans Riverside.
The only "bad" room we've gotten there was in building 4 (which was perfect in almost every other way for location).
I don't remember our room number, but we faced the parking lot, and every morning about 5 A.M., my DH and I would be awaken to the sounds of delivery trucks beeping. In retrospect, we should of asked to move, but we have so much stuff with us, that's usually a more of a pain then it's worth.


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