When to go help please


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Jan 5, 2003
We have trip planned for March of 2007

well now DH and the girls think they would like to try to see the christmas
decorations at WDW

we've been in spring
we've done MNNSHP
so now they want christmas

OK so here is the question when to go
right after thanksgving or later in DEC

I am hoping to go in 2006


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May 16, 2000
I have gone twice in early Dec. While it is becoming a more popular time to go, it's still nice during the week. Weekends are a little more crowded. We were there the first 2 weeks of Dec in 1995 and then again for a long weekend the first weekend in Dec 2001. Since we have only gone in early Dec, I can't compare it to later.....
We are going again this year the 5th - 11th.


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Nov 3, 2001
We've been the week after Thanksgiving several times and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and the Christmas decorations were up. They were filming part of the Christmas Day Parade as well as the Christmas Day show with Aaron Carter. My granddaughters loved that! It was like having two Christmases in one year. It's probably my favorite time to go.


May 29, 2005
We always check in on 1-1.....the holiday travelers are beginning to leave. There may be one or two days where it is still slightly crowded, but most people are heading home to get their kids back in school.


May 6, 2005
We are going early December this year but we've been end of December (as in between Christmas and New Years) the last few years. The week with the end of year holidays is THE busiest week all year so if you go then, plan for crowds. I am not trying to scare you away from end of December, we have a fabulous time each time even with the crowds. I am excited to go at the begining of December this time though. We've never been to MVMCP and we haven't been able to see all of the neat Christmas stuff at Epcot. We usually get there either just before or just after Christmas depending on what day of the week it falls on and a lot of the Epcot stuff ends Christmas Eve so we haven't caught everything. I keep hearing early December is a great time to go with mild weather and low crowds. :)

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Mar 13, 2004
Go the beginning of December, like the first week, during the weekdays is best.
Beginning of January is also prime for low crowds and you still get to see the decor. (Go right after new years!)

No one does Christmas/ Holiday decorating like Disney.

I live in Fl. so I make it a point to go every year and use thier decor for the backdrop of our "Holiday Family Photo" Thier decor with the different trees at each hotel and the landscaping is to die for!

If you go...visit the resorts to check out thier decorations!


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Oct 4, 2002
Early December is our favorite time to go. Christmas at WDW is absolutely magical and the crowds are lower than later in Dec. I know this will make some people angry, but I take my DD14 out of school to go. She is expected to get good grades or we tell her we will stay home. It is an incentive which apparently works as she is a straight A student. As she enters high school, we will probably have to stop this. Debby


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