when staying 1 nite a HRH which day do you get FOTLA?


Earning My Ears
Jul 16, 2000
First time on this board. We are going to WDW next Dec. 1-8th. We were thinking of staying at the Hard Rock before heading over to WDW and were hoping that if we stayed the nite on Dec. 1st(Sat)
we would get front of the line access the next day on Sunday. We wouldn't be arriving until mid-day on Sat. and were hoping to go to both USF and IOA
before check-in time of 4:00 at OKW on Sun night!


Since it is your Hard Rock Hotel key (which looks like a white credit card), I suppose the answer is "as soon as you have your key."

Since your date of check in and date of check out are printed on the key, my guess is you copuld use it all day on the da y you check out.‰

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure"Ã
I meant to say, "Since it is your Hard Rock Hotel key that gives you access to FOTL..."

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure"Ã
Been wondering how exactly the FOTL works.Usually adults just get room keys at motels-do the kids all(3) get one, too, for FOTL ? Trying to figure how we'll keep track of everybody's. Thanks alot for the fantastic HRH report!

I called USF reservations to find out before I booked HRH. I was told that it is like Disney. Your key is good for charging and all key privleges until the parks close the day you leave. I'm hoping I didn't get bad info, because we are checking out next Sunday and that is going to be our park day for USF/IOA.
Cressy -
You ask for as many keys as you have people. Everyone needs their own in order to use the FOTL access. You can have your kids wear fanny packs or if you go to the Spiderman shop, they sell Spiderman wallets with a long string and a clip that you can have your kids attach to their belt hoops. The wallets have a see-through compartment where your kids can put their room key. That way they won't loose them. That's where I had my kids hold their room key. I'm happy to report that they did not loose them!

Tinkerbell Tracy - You will have FOTL access the first and second day. Your room key will have both days on it and that is what cast members look at/care about when allowing you FOTL access.


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