When and where should i book cheap air ressies for Nov trip?


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Sep 26, 2000
Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help me with this. We're planning a trip for Nov. 2001 and am wondering if I should book the $189 pp rate that Delta is posting or should I wait and try several of the new airline sites that others on the board have been so successful with. Last year I booked in March (209 pp round trip Newark to Orlando) while my brother in law waited until July and got 151 pp.
Any advice would be truly appreciated since airfare savings will determine if we can swing this vacation or not. Thanks.
could you please tell me where you saw Delta offering 189pp. Is this offer good till Nov. of 2001. Any info. you have is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Delta only books, I believe, 333 days out. Therefore the rates just came available for November. Flying out of NY, I have yet to see any bargain fares. Most of them expire on March 15 so far.

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to early would not book until june or july
will not get good fare now and they might go on sale.... i use www.expedia.com they have a fare tracker section and u can put in for a price to watch for and they send u emails to let u know when it is around the price u desire

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next trip. june 7-12,wdw and dec. 2nd thru 8th wdw


If you are going around the Thanksgiving holiday I would book it now. If not around the holiday, you can probably snag a better rate.

Last year we needed flights for November 22nd and I am so glad we booked early, because they got more expensive as time went by.

Good luck.

Paula - I used the Delta website to check ressies for Nov. 4 - 10, 2001 - since the ressies need to be 333 days out I put in the last possible date (late Oct.) to get approx. prices they were coming up at 189 pp. If I find anything better I'll post it for you. Thanks for your input.

I use Bestfares and Expedia. I found r/t from Philly to Orlando for last July 20-26 for $150-something pp, but it wouldn't let me book more than 4 tickets, so I wrote down the flight numbers and called USAir directly, and they gave me the same price after I told them the dates and flights. I just kept looking every day until a price was available that I liked. I started looking in May for July, as it was a last minute decision to go to Disney in July. I'm going again this Oct 26-Nov 3, and will probably start looking shortly. If you join the mailing lists of Bestfares and Expedia, they will e-mail you specials, but these are usually for flights that you will be taking in the near future
Hunnypot, are the prices you are quoting from Newark to Orlando? If so, I'm getting only connecting flights in that price range. You can fly out of LaGuardia instead on non-stop flights for $171.50 on Delta. Or you can fly non-stop on TWA out of JFK. If you purchase TWA at http://www.lowestfare.com the cost is currently $132.76 for 11/4-11/10.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. This board is the best. I think I'll try some of the web air brokers and see what the fare traker brings up. If not, i'll try Travel Sheryl's suggestion and try alt. NY airports. Thanks again. I'd love any more suggestions as well.
nj to orlando teacher's convention week, if there's a good rate with a non stop BOOK IT NOW!

It's almost impossible to get good rates for that week out of Newark or Philly. The whole state goes to florida. I've had to pay up to $272 for that week.

I've been checking for FLL that week and although there's $179 flights out there for the times I need the best I could find was $214. And checking the airlines the flights are almost full so you know the prices will only go up.

One other suggestion is spirit air out of AC

I just had to add that we go in November every year on Delta and they typically have a sale in July. You need to check constantly, though, because it doesn't last long!


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