What's up with TTC?


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Nov 1, 1999
I know Yourride is a sponser of this board and I am about to call them but I'm wondering what is going on at TTC. I made my sixth reservation with them last week because we have always liked their service. They never sent the usual email confirmation, they haven't responded to MY two emails over the last few days and I am going to cancel. Between the recent very mixed reviews of TTC in the DIS and somewhat of a confusing last trip with them(a subcontractor driver), can anyone say what is happening over there? Thanks! Susan
We have used TTC for the past 3 years. Our first two trips things were outstanding. The third time we used the service, our driver was late arriving. We know things happen and didn't think too much of it. When the same driver was late picking us up on our fourth trip with them, we thought we were seeing a pattern.

Our most recent trip (last summer), things went smoothly although we did wait under the portico (during a torrential storm) for a very long time while the driver retrieved his vehicle from somewhere. No assistance with luggage, etc. We made a grocery stop at Publix and the kids stayed in the vehicle with the driver. We only purchase beer at the store and so were gone all of 5-8 minutes. We came out to find no vehicle waiting where it was previously parked. I kid you not, we stood looking around the parking lot (at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday evening no less) for a solid 10 minutes before the vehicle pulled up the driveway to retrieve us. He apparently was cruising the parking lot and stopped to talk on his phone (according to the kids). It gave me rather a fright (our kids are older, but still. . .).

Like you, they were very lackadaisical about confirming our reservation (in fact, I had to call for confirmation) and I just didn't get that "warm & fuzzy" feeling that we initially had when using the service.

We're giving Yourride a shot this time around. I trust Pete's judgment--he's never led us astray before and I've been hanging around this place since nearly it's inception--many, many server changes/board crashes ago! :D
Maybe they are getting to big for what they can handle. I hadn't heard anything regarding this recently. I'll have to keep looking for reviews/comments on TTC.
We had no problems this past October. We never got a confirmation but did talk to them by phone. The driver was on time, courteous, and helped with luggage and groceries.
I had to call to tell them our flight was changed. No problem!:bounce: :bounce:
I just used Tiffany in January and had a wonderful trip. The driver was on time and courteous.

I did have a small issue in Decemebr after DisCOn. I wrote to Debby, the reservations manager of TTC) and let her know about my problem. She responded quickly and courteously. If you experienced a problem or had trouble getting a response, I would definately get in touch with her. Her name is:
Deborah Pellizzari
>Reservations Manager

Good luck! I know I fwlt better after exchanging emails with her. She was very quick to respond to my emails, and I will defiantely keep using them!
We just used Tiffany last week! Awesome service here! I didn't use the online reservation form because we were coming in on the train vs. the airport -so I just sent an email off to their reservations address and got a confirmation back the next morning from Debra! Our driver Bob was there on ahead of our train and was really pleasant! He answered alot of our questions about the area and threw in some trivia of his own. He made a stop for us at Walgreens (I can't believe I forgot to bring Excedrin!) and then we were off to the All Stars! It was an awesome way to start our trip! We had a different driver on the way home but he too was on time and very courteous! I am more then pleased with our whole experience with them and would highly recommend them!

Are you sending email to reservations@tiffanytowncar.com??
No problem with them last week. We were met at the aiport by Berkley with a sign with our name on it. Got in the van(8 of us) and off to the Polynesian. For the one fee that we were charged we got from and to the airport and a transfer to the HRH. It was quite an efficient service.


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