What's the deal with E-nights?


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Jul 31, 2000
I understand if you stay on-property you can pay to take advantage of an E-night if it is available during your stay.

Can you buy just this ticket and not use a regular ticket for the rest of the day? Example, we would be arriving on a Friday evening, if we didn't go until the park closed and used e-night, could we just pay for e-night and save our hopper days?

What else should I know about E-nights? I've never stayed on property before so I've never used this.

Thanks! :D
Sorry, but no you can't just use the E-ticket. It is in addition to your regular admission.
You will need to use your hopper passes because the e-night ticket doesn't get you into the park. Once in the park, you have to go to City Hall (or right next to it) and exchange your e-night ticket for a wrist band. They usually don't announce e-nights until about a month or two prior to the actual nights and they can be anywhere from a Monday thru Friday night. They have a maximum amount of tickets they sell and the parks are generally not too crowded. With that, you'll be able to go on all of the more popular rides a lot. Please note, there are only a selection of the more popular rides open (maybe a dozen or so).....not all of them.

If you go the the home page here on Pete's board, there is a link to e-nights that should give you all of the information you need. We love them and find it well worth the additional money ($12 a piece, I think) to attend.....we try and do one every time we go to WDW.
E-nights are great :D
Last year we rode Big Thunder Mntn RR 8 times in a row :D :D
It is my DD favorite ride!!
You use your regular ticket to get in and then any time after 4pm (I think) you can go get your wrist band. So when it gets close to the regular closing hour head for your favorite ride.
The CM will start stopping the guests without bands from getting on the ride, but will allow guests with bands to get in line. This is when you can really take advantage of riding your favorite ride :D

You have to get your tickets from the resort's guest service desk. If you know you want to go.....get your tickets the first day you are at the resort. We have known E-nights to sell out!
You will have to show them your hopper pass to get the tickets. You can't get an E-ticket with just a one day pass.

It is well worth it!!! :D :D


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