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    Jan 8, 2009
    Ok were going during free dinning. We fly in on a Thursday night and planned on staying 2 weeks. We rented a car already cause we have to drive to palm beach for a baptism on the first Sunday we are there. Now my father in law offered to take us scuba diving on the Saturday before. So DH thinks we should just cancel the first few days of our ressy to check in Sunday rather than Thursday. It would save us $278.00. BUT we'd be out some of the free dining credits and miss out on a few places we hoped to dine. What would you do?
    1. Save the money, go diving and do the baptism and check-in later Sunday.
    2. Check in Thursday night use a CS, spend 1/2 Friday at a park USE 1 TS and then drive home, go diving Saturday, Baptism Sunday then drive back to the park for TS dinner and DTD. Giving us a few extra meal credits to do 2 TS meals one day or a show.

    Do think its worth the 278 to pay for 2 night we won't be there or should I just pay oop for the extra meal for 3 which would be less then 278? I'm answering my own questions here lol. But I REALLY DON'T want to shorten my Disney stay :( gosh darn rational thinking!

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